Beinex Digital: Decades of Digital Transformation in Days

We let solutions adapt to your businesses, helping you retain your existing technologies or platforms wherever required. But we also enable seamless blending of the associated silos powering lightning-fast transformation.

Beinex Digital

Trailblazing Digital Transformation Services, the Beinex Way.

Beinex Digital, a part of Beinex Holdings, is a digital transformation entity with a comprehensive suite of independent products focused on addressing specific business gaps, use cases, and needs. It incorporates a spectrum of solutions related to employee health and safety, enterprise product management, performance management, and audit & risk management.

We are anti-silo and pro-disruption in our approach, offering digital transformation services to usher in change in a matter of days akin to that of a plug and play application. We have a unique business-consulting-technology model that powers this, which is what our innovation is and makes us a deserving candidate.

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Our Impact

Success stories

One Strategy Department
A Digital Authority

Saving 1700 hours with 50% productivity leap powered by Beinex Digital

Thanks to Beinex Digital Transformation Services, the client's performance management achieved the set goals by digitally transforming their entire business processes, saving a considerable and unprecedented amount of time and effort.

Accelerating Project Time-to-Market by 30% and Employee Efficiency by 50%

Ultimately, thanks to Beinex, our client was able to concentrate on the projects that needed immediate attention , free from all the distractions caused by tasks going off track or budgets spinning out of control, delivering on promises to management.

Beinex Digital Product Suite

Product List

A collection of AI and ML driven applications customized to suit your business needs scale down the effort of individually tracking the bunch of unstructured data by converting it to reports using NLP techniques.

Employee Health & Safety

Comprehensive and holistic tracking of employee health and safety limit several unexpected negative events from materialising, especially for supercritical resources and roles. In-built Contact Tracing and Risk Scoring models benefit planning and prevent failures and damages to enterprise interests. Dashboards dedicated for executives and decision makers enable confidentiality and exclusivity of data.

Strategy & Performance Management (STRACT)

Your Annual Performance Plan can easily be created with Target setting and modification. Continuous Risk-based Performance Tracking with use case specific customizable dashboards add to strategic windshield views. One-click user specific alerts and notifications keep things simple and there is also this flexibility for users to update respective program tracks.

Enterprise Project Management

Create and edit Project Plan and activities and assign owners and enable task logging. In-built project documentation templates with bulk upload options keep matters smooth. Project performance cockpit for centralised monitoring of status across all projects with risk-based projections for completion timelines facilitate efficacy.

Augmented Risk & Audit Analytics (Aurex)

With Aurex, your organisation shall be one Digital GRC and Analytics Ecosystem. Aurex is a unique plug and play ecosystem that gives you a greater degree of control over your complex, multifaceted organisation. An ecosystem that transcends silos enabled and empowered by AI, ML, it automates processes and tackle the issues raised by multiple barriers.

Anti-silo | Pro-disruption

When scattered, disparate systems integrate to assume a visually rich data processing capability, predictive analytics can be facilitated. This can lead to actionable insights for an enterprise leading to a potent case of digital transformation. This is what we, as a digital transformation company, have mastered and championed at Beinex Digital!

Collation and Convergence

Our Approach to Agility


Bespoke Digital Solutions

The cornerstone of Beinex Digital’s approach to agility is that of collation and convergence resulting in the joint innovation of bespoke digital transformation services and solutions. With the partnership on, convergence and co-creation emerge resulting in the setting up of an agile solutions ecosystem. A continuous functioning unit, the power of compounding adds to the impact transforming these agile solutions into reliable, permanent and positive changes. The growth strategy of Beinex Digital revolves around the idea of inducing digital transformation in letter and spirit. We envision making it a way of life for businesses around the world.

The Quantum Leap Paradigm

For Co-innovation to succeed and flourish, Unification is the key. Our methodology belongs to this dimension. The Quantum Leap Paradigm (QLP) we personify, is a cycle which has three process nodes.

  1. Breaking of silos: It starts with the dismantling of silos which leads to disruption.
  2. Super convergence: Post disruption, super-convergence happens; the convergence of previously non-linkable ecosystems in one place.
  3. Quantum Leap: Many decades of advancement gets packed into mere days following super-convergence.

Spatial and Insider Intelligence feeds the system throughout the process and the resulting impacts create a permanently prepared and committed organisation.

The True Enabler

Beinex Digital has deployed an array of technologies to bring to fruition its vision of a digitally transformed world. It also has some of the best and the brightest technology specialists to operationalise the vision. Ranging from the premier frontend technologies to backend ones to AI-ML-RPA, Beinex along with its consultants and practitioners leave no stone unturned in its quest for excellence and quality delivery.

In Tandem with Change

The rapidity of the changes in the world has given rise to the need of an in-sync, always-on response ecosystem. Beinex Digital implements its solutions and carries out its services mindful of this reality. We focus on continuous improvement and are fast but steady apart from staying true to the vision of decades of digital transformation implemented in days. As a digital transformation company, we conceive, craft and bring to life a desirable new normal for entities and enterprises and induce products and solutions with the unique and empowering trait of transformation.

Leadership Matters

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Beinex Digital, a part of Beinex Holdings, is a digital transformation enabler with a comprehensive suite of independent products focused on addressing specific business gaps, use cases, and needs. It incorporates a spectrum of solutions related to employee health and safety, enterprise product management, performance management, and audit & risk management.

Beinex Holdings is a group of six companies. As an organisation, Beinex believes in the power of ideas, innovation, and unparalleled customer service to change the world for good.

Beinex Digital offers the following suit of products:

  • Enterprise Project Management
  • STRACT (Strategy and Performance Management)
  • Employee Health and Safety
  • Augmented Audit and Risk Management

The crux of the offering is that Beinex Digital has got custom-built solutions whatever be your digital transformation issues.

Let us give you a little bit of context so that you can better understand the concept.

Digital-technology businesses operate in four silos or compartments.

  • Silo no.1. is the basic transactional system the businesses depend on running.
  • Then there is silo no.2 of visualisation platforms constituted by data integration, transformation, and visual analytics.
  • Silo no.3 is about the predictive analytics capability as unleashed by AI-ML layers.
  • Silo no.4 is all about converting insights to decisions to action.

This is where Beinex Digital comes into the picture. We are anti-silo and pro-disruption in our approach and usher in digital transformation in a matter of days akin to that of a plug and play application. We have a unique business-consulting-technology model that powers this and no matter what your digital maturity standing be currently, we can provide you with a Quantum Leap by deploying the model.

And we are just a phone call/ email away.

It is subjective and varies from case to case depending on the complexity of the potential requirements you have or aspects that are suitable for you.

No at all. All our products are built adhering the principle of 100%-ease-of-use, from a common business user perspective. All platforms are deployed as ready-to-use solutions with simple, intuitive, click-based user interface.

To draw an analogy, a standard solution is a straight jacket; a customized one, 100% snug and made to order. Every business is unique and needs tailor made solutions. But there are some essentials that need to be kept in mind when approaching any difficult business problems. Take for instance, the case of our NLP prowess or Conversational Business Intelligence capabilities that Beinex Digital has.

Ultimately it simplifies the application for the end-user. Almost all digital firms stop short of last-mile insights delivery. Beinex is a pioneer here.

We have accorded the highest and greatest priority to this last step and have seen businesses transform in days instead of years or even decades.

We consider it our core value proposition to be able to tailor our products to be the right solution for you. You do not have to pick the product; product aligns with your needs.

Yes, you can. Let us know of your requirements and we can think of the right product mix that can further your aims.

Listed below are some of the verticals that Beinex Digital has solutions for. This is by no means exhaustive:

  • Construction
  • Defence
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Finance
  • Food
  • Health care
  • Manufacturing
  • Media
  • Transportation

Contact your Beinex Digital Transformation expert today to start the consulting process. The price point is unique for each client because the requirements will have unique aspects to it.

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