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Transform The Way You And Your Organization Work With The Data.

Enabling organizations to analyze data, mitigate risks, identify opportunities, make better decisions, and automate processes to drive business excellence powered by innovation and experience.

About Beinex
Our Partnerships

Advanced Analytics

Use advanced analytics to find hidden patterns. Gain valuable insights to predict outcomes. We help organizations to automate repetitive or time-consuming processes using automation tools and machine learning algorithms.

Business Intelligence

Gain actionable insights from your complex data. Gather, visualize, and analyze data accurately. Create and share insightful reports on the web, mobile devices, and custom applications. Monitor the key performance metrics and make better decisions.

Tableau Solutions

Transform data into engaging, informative, comprehensible, and valuable insights. Combined with our management consulting experience, our Tableau solutions helps organizations build solutions for their complex business problems.


Bring intelligence that drives value for your business through AI, ML, and RPA. Our team empowers organizations to uncover risks, patterns, and trends by bringing AI & data to life. Our team is partnered with AI pioneers & Universities.

Risk Analytics

Beinex risk analytics solutions help organizations use advanced analytics techniques to increase risk identification capabilities and unleash the maximum value from business opportunities. All our solutions are mobile enabled.

Audit Analytics

Take advantage of the wealth of data from your business activities. Increase the assurance level by analyzing of the 100% population. Enable auditors to best meet growing challenges and demands in auditing through self-service analytics.

Our Products

Beinex Digital Product Suite

Beinex Digital Product Suite, a collection of AI and ML driven applications customized to suit your business needs scale down the effort of individually tracking the bunch of unstructured data by converting it to reports using NLP techniques

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Employee Health & Safety

Comprehensive health & safety tracking product with in-built contact tracing and risk scoring models. Dedicated modules for Positive cases with one-click follow-up mechanism and exclusive dashboard view for executives & decision makers.

Strategic Performance Management

Create and edit annual performance plan with proper targets. The use case specific customizable dashboards track the risk-based performance.

Enterprise Project Management

Create and edit project plans and activities, assign owners, and enables automatic task logging. Monitor the status across all projects with in-built project documentation templates and project performance cockpit.

Augmented Risk & Audit Analytics

A single platform of risk and audit management that encompasses all the needed features to streamline yo ur auditing processes. It also helps in tracking recommendation, monitoring critical issues monitoring, and reporting exceptions.

The Beinex Approach

How we do what we do.

Our approach has a modular but seamless architecture to alter and revolutionise the way functions are conceived, planned, and conducted. This arrangement presupposes a range of transformations beforehand in the current ecosystem constituted by a string of factors: People-Process-Technology-Data.


Right people are identified, trained and empowered to drive the changes envisioned. Training and empowerment are vital here and our unique framework facilitated by a 360-degree view ushers in the necessary change.


The trained league of personnel follows tailor-made processes which are in a constant feedback loop. Monitoring and adherence to reviewable processes are the key factors here. Industry best-practices are followed but fashioned to suit your imperatives and objectives


It helps professionals to automate and implement new or improved processes. Tools and techniques are the vital elements here. Latest in technology and tools are introduced into the ecosystem in sync with the objectives.


The lifeblood of an organisation is always data and its regulated flow. Data generation, management, governance, access and security constitute the realm. We help you leverage the power of data that is already with you.

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