Tableau Consulting Services: Visualise Your Data Inside Out

Tackling your complex business challenges deploying data visualisation takes a data culture. How data-driven are you? Does your data interact with you?


Get hold of unexpected insights easily!

As a quick, versatile, and easy-to-use self-service platform tailored to your organisational needs, Tableau streamlines the power of data. It enables users to make decisions more quickly and with greater confidence from anywhere, anytime. As a premium partner, Beinex offers the best of the Tableau consulting services to grow your business. Our partnership with Tableau has unveiled several seamless possibilities for businesses. Tableau, with its user-friendliness, make Data Analysis and Visualization an enjoyable, interesting and rewarding process.

We are here to solve real business problems and are deeply committed to supporting you. Drive your business forward and stay ahead of the competition with Beinex. The best business relationship that you would forever celebrate is certainly made with us! Opportunities await!

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How we do what we do.

Beinex and Tableau have helped businesses reach that extra mile with little effort. The identification, training and empowerment of the professionals in Tableau facilitated by Beinex have proven to be rewarding. Adopting the People-Process-Technology-Data factors, Beinex provides seamless Tableau consulting services to its clients.


Beinex has trained more than 400 professionals in the MENA region, and they have evolved to be the finest in their fields. A team of Tableau-certified Consultants continuously mentored by Beinex-Tableau training sessions is equipped to provide world-class services to our clients.


Our consultants are pioneers in applying Tableau in Internal Audit and Enterprise Risk Management. They offer Tableau professional services like interactive visual analysis, operations analysis, functional dashboards, comprehensive data, answers to questions in real-time and special analysis.


Our trained professionals easily handle Tableau Public, Tableau Online, Tableau Server, and Tableau Reader. Tableau uses the most coveted technology, and it has the capability for performing ad hoc analysis of billions of rows of data in a matter of seconds. Tableau lets you see data in a completely different light.


Tableau, the trusted leader for contemporary business intelligence, makes it simpler for users to explore and manage data. Find and share insights faster that can potentially transform industries and the global economy. Whether it's a website clickstream or an infrastructure event log, you can study and comprehend large volumes of data in minutes.

The Flexible Paradigm

Beinex Delivery Model​


We help businesses adopt smart risk analytics methodologies to boost risk intelligence and make risk-aware decisions that drive performance. Our consultants aid you to increase your capabilities to anticipate risks and maximize opportunities through data-driven insights. Achieve profitable growth and successfully address changing regulatory demands with our Tableau consulting services.


We support you to embrace advanced resourcing models to organize, analyze, and visualize risks. Our team of experienced consultants and seasoned risk experts can help companies achieve challenging objectives and deliver value-added results. Beinex’s Risk Analytics experts can champion your organization’s risk analytics projects on-demand.


Beinex team helps organizations implement risk analytics solutions and technologies to understand, quantify, manage, and mitigate risks. Analytics enables informed decisions on business processes, regulations, technologies, security, and day-to-day operations. Our visual risk analytics solutions are mobile-enabled to monitor and follow-up the KRIs on the go.


Successful risk management begins with an in-depth understanding of emerging risks and increasing business complexities. Learn how to understand and manage risks effectively. Use analytics to collect, visualize, and analyze data. Predict risks and manage uncertainties. Minimize negative outcomes and achieve strategic and financial objectives.

Why Choose Beinex Tableau Services.

Beinex has never compromised with the quality of the services they are providing along with their partnerships. It has proved to be beneficial and thus Beinex has become an integral part of many successful business sagas.

Business Acumen

Our team of professionals is quick to understand and deal with client business problems and provide a best-fit Tableau professional services.


A team of Tableau certified consultants, who are passionate about Tableau and delivering the world-class experience.


100 years of combined experience in Tableau, led by professionals who have successfully delivered the largest Tableau projects in the MENA region.

Thought Leadership

Pioneers in applying Tableau in Internal Audit and Enterprise Risk Management. Trained more than 400 professionals in the MENA region.​

Leadership Matters

Thought Leadership

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