BI Tools | Types | How to Make Strategic Business Decisions Efficiently?

BI Tools: Decision-making is Now at Your Fingertips!

BI tools are designed to assist you in better understanding trends and gaining insights from data to make strategic and astute business decisions. Key features of these business intelligence platforms include data visualisation, visual analytics, interactive dashboarding, and KPI scorecards. Furthermore, they enable users to use self-service, automated reporting, and predictive analytics features, all in one solution, making the analysis process efficient and accessible.
16 Jun 2022
Sumi S

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    Here is a list of a few popular business intelligence tools companies use to gain insights:

    1.Sisense: Leading Cloud Analytics Platform

    Sisense is one of those data analytics and business intelligence tools known for its efficiency and easy-to-use quality. It enables anyone within an organisation to manage massive and intricate datasets and analyse and visualise data without any outsourcing. It also combines data from various sources, such as Adwords, Google Analytics, and Salesforce. The in-chip technology helps it to process data faster than any other tool. Gartner, G2, and Dresner have recognised Sisense as a leading cloud analytics platform.

    2.SAP Business Intelligence: Price to the Upside

    SAP Business Intelligence offers advanced analytics solutions such as machine learning, BI predictive analytics, and planning and analysis. This enterprise-level client/ server system application provides data visualisation and analytics applications, reporting and analysis, mobile analytics, and office integration.

    The platform focuses heavily on Customer Experience (CX) and CRM, digital supply chain, ERP, etc. What’s particularly appealing about this platform is the self-service, role-based dashboards, which allow users to create unique dashboards and applications. SAP is a robust software designed for all roles that provide many functionalities on a single platform. However, the product’s complexity raises the price, so be equipped for it.

    3.Datapine: Accessible to non-technical users

    Datapine is a comprehensive business intelligence platform that makes the intricate process of data analytics accessible to non-technical users. Datapine’s solution allows data analysts and business users to blend different data sources, perform advanced data analysis, build interactive business dashboards, and create actionable business insights by adopting a comprehensive self-service analytics approach.

    4.Dundas BI: Access Multiple Data Sources in Real Time

    Dundas BI is a browser-based business intelligence tool that enables users to access multiple data sources in real-time. It offers excellent visualisations in the form of tables, graphs, and charts that can be personalised and viewed on mobile devices and desktop computers. Users can easily create reports and extract specific performance metrics for analysis. Dundas aids all types of businesses and industries.

    5.MicroStrategy: Fast Dashboarding in Action

    MicroStrategy is a business intelligence tool for enterprises that provides powerful and fast dashboarding and data analytics, cloud solutions, and hyperintelligence. Users can use this solution to identify trends, and new possibilities, increase productivity, etc. It can be accessed via desktop or mobile and can be connected to one or more sources.

    6.Yellowfin BI: No-co-Low-co Approach

    Yellowfin BI is a business intelligence and analytics platform that combines visualisation, machine learning, and collaboration. It can quickly sort through massive amounts of data using intuitive filtering, and it is accessible from anywhere. This BI tool takes dashboards and visualisations to the next level by utilising a no-code/low code development environment.

    7.Qlik Sense: Search & Conversational Analytics

    A product of Qlik, QlikSense is a complete data analytics platform and business intelligence tool. QlikSense can be accessed from any device at any time. The user interface of QlikSense is optimised for touchscreen, which makes it a prevalent BI tool. It offers a one-of-a-kind associative analytics engine, sophisticated AI and a high-performance cloud platform, making it more attractive. An exciting feature of this platform is its Search & Conversational Analytics, enabling a faster and easier way to ask questions and discover new insights through natural language.

    8.Zoho Analytics: Blend and Merge Data

    Zoho Analytics is an excellent BI tool for detailed reporting and data analysis. It supports automatic data syncing and can be scheduled regularly. It quickly creates a connector and formulates meaningful reports by blending and merging data from various sources using the integration APIs. It helps to quickly identify the essential details by creating ersonalized reports and dashboards with an easy editor. It also includes a distinct commenting section in the sharing options, ideal for collaboration.

    9.Microsoft Power BI: Identify Trends in Real Time

    Microsoft Power BI is a web-based tool that is one of the best for data visualisation. It enables users to identify trends in real-time and includes brand new connectors that allow businesses to step up marketing campaigns. Microsoft Power BI is accessible virtually from any location as it is web-based. This tool is designed to integrate apps and deliver reports in real-time dashboards.

    10.Looker: Ideal for SMEs

    Looker, a data discovery app, is another business intelligence tool to watch for! This unique platform is now part of Google Cloud and integrates with any SQL database or warehouse and is ideal for startups, midsize businesses, and enterprise-grade businesses. This tool’s advantages include its ease of use, useful visualisations, powerful collaboration features such as easy integration with apps, flexible sharing of data and reports via email or USL, and a dependable support system.

    11.Clear Analytics: Just Need Essential Excel Skills to Use

    Clear Analytics is an easy-to-use Excel-based software that can be utilised even by employees with just the essential Excel skills. It is a self-service Business Intelligence system with BI features like data creation, automation, analysis, and visualisation. Clear Analytics also functions with Microsoft Power BI, cleaning and modelling various datasets with Power Query and Power Pivot.

    12.Tableau: Needs No Introduction

    Tableau is a powerful BI tool that specialises in data discovery and visualisation. The software allows to quickly analyse, visualise, and share data without IT intervention. Tableau works with various data sources, including Microsoft Excel, Oracle, MS SQL, Google Analytics, and SalesForce. Users will have access to well-designed, user-friendly dashboards. Tableau also provides several products, such as Tableau Desktop (for anyone) and Tableau Server (analytics for organisations), both of which can be run locally, as well as Tableau Online (hosted analytics for organisations) and others.

    13.Oracle BI: Proactive Intelligence Power

    Oracle BI is a business intelligence technology and application portfolio for enterprises. This technology provides nearly all business intelligence capabilities, including dashboards, proactive intelligence, ad hoc reporting, etc. Oracle is a reliable choice ideal for businesses that need to analyse large amounts of data from Oracle and non-Oracle sources. Data archiving, versioning, a self-service portal, and alerts/notifications are also essential features.

    14.Domo: Predictive Analysis on the Go

    Domo is a fully cloud-based business intelligence platform that integrates spreadsheets, databases, and social media data. The platform provides visibility and analysis at the micro and macro levels, including predictive analysis powered by Mr Roboto, their AI engine. From cash balances and lists of your best-selling products by region to marketing ROI calculations for each channel, Domo has got you covered.

    15.IBM Cognos Analytics: Hidden Patterns in Data Discovered

    Cognos Analytics is a business intelligence platform powered by AI that supports the entire analytics cycle. It helps to visualise, analyse, and share actionable insights, from data discovery to data operationalisation. The data is interpreted and presented in a visually appealing report, and AI allows the discovery of hidden patterns in the data.

    The use of advanced business intelligence reporting tools makes tasks simple and manageable. Business intelligence platforms are subject to change based on business needs and the advancement of technologies. Still, they have proven to be a great way to accomplish strategic goals effectively and efficiently.