Our Capabilities

Self-Service BI

Gain actionable insights into many procurement functions such as category management, supplier performance, and procure-to-pay processes by efficiently interacting with your data. Obtain high-quality products & services at reasonable costs by understanding and analyzing your data matrix as business users, without heavy involvement from IT.

Mobile BI

Track ad hoc queries, optimize reporting of KPIs, update dashboards, and even perform predictive analytics in just one click on your smartphone or tablet. Mobile BI for Procurement enables businesses to summarize large amounts of data into fact-based, real-time, and meaningful information that facilitates accurate decision-making anywhere, anytime.

Data Visualization

Get a consolidated view of real-time data collected at each stage and easily identify savings opportunities using bespoke data visualizations. Ensure optimum cost and maximum profit by recognizing the patterns from the high-volume data, presented using understandable & easy to navigate dashboards.


We provide easy to use and risk-free BI implementations proven to deliver substantial business value. Our solution guarantees proper procurement and supply management for your organization. Get comprehensive analyses of procurement performance, purchase requisition summary, supplier analysis, and delivery performance consolidated to provide an end-to-end wholistic view of the procurement process.

Our Business Intelligence Service Offerings

Ready To Go Solutions

Bespoke Procurement Dashboards

We provide well-designed dashboards that provide context and guided analysis paths tailored for your industry exploring the main areas of procurement, including:

  • Procurement Summary
  • Purchase Requisition Summary
  • Purchase Order Summary
  • Supplier Analysis
  • Delivery Performance


We help provide organizations with better visualization of their procurement processes using quantitative and qualitative methods to attain actionable insights and outcomes from high-value data. Improve the functionality of your company-wide business operations and obtain valuable market intelligence to support business decisions. Gain timely insights into spending patterns and trends to take immediate corrective measures at the right time.


Do you want your procurement processes to stay ahead of the game? Our experienced BI professionals can support your organization to achieve critical KPIs and exceed optimal business operations metrics. We help organizations focus on core areas to ensure effective cost containment by improving your purchasing activities with proper tracking of delivery performance and supplier analytics.

Custom BI Solutions

We provide customized procurement BI solutions to identify risks ahead of time by gaining greater visibility into identified risk areas; tracking and planning for upcoming deliveries to promote Customer Satisfaction and fulfill SLAs. We support your organization to develop a more systematic and fully data-driven approach to the analysis of all stages of the procurement cycle.


Learn how to integrate & visualize data and how to back your purchasing decisions and supplier relationships with qualified data that enables you to evaluate factors that are crucial to your organization’s success. Get in-depth training to equip yourselves for all procurement activities through proper data interpretation. Make positive real-time changes to boost the productivity of your organization with our customized training sessions.

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