Beinex + Aurex

Bringing together elements of GRC, controls, BCM, and analytics
under a Unified Digital Ecosystem

We are proud to partner with Aurex, a dedicated risk & audit management platform that streamlines your auditing processes. With intuitive advanced visual analytics dashboards and collaboration capabilities, Aurex enables risk managers, auditors, auditees, business owners, and management team members to interact within the platform to make informed decisions at the right time.

Aurex helps to maximize your team’s efficiency by integrating powerful analytics with AI, ML, and NLP capabilities, in order to track enterprise risks across your audit universe. Our bespoke training programs deliver highly visual analytics solutions that help your organization track and manage all high-value audit data.

Aurex truly helps a clients’ audit community to streamline their risk & audit functions in an integrated platform.

About Aurex

Aurex (Augmented Risk and Audit Analytics) is a cost-effective and easy-to-use risk & audit management platform with user-friendly data visualization solutions. It is a cloud-based platform that combines the 4 traditional siloed processes: risk management, audit management, audit analytics, and continuous audit, into one integrated platform. The platform is designed to offer an intuitive user experience in both web and mobile platforms. Unlike traditional auditing platforms that can be operated only by data scientists, Aurex is very user-friendly, empowering team members to comprehend and analyze data using the interactive and real-time dashboard interfaces.

Aurex offers 80% automation by analyzing all the high-value data at a speed and perfection no human could attain with substantial productivity. It supports data from multiple sources using API integration and can be used to track audits with bona fide assessments and scrutinize all records and transactions in seconds, with results displayed in dynamic dashboards. Get connected with Aurex to unlock the real value of data.

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