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Our hybrid work environment is lauded for its ability to balance work and home. We value transparency, honesty, equal opportunity, rational thinking and pragmatism. We urge people to be their most authentic, best selves. A warm welcome to Beinex way of life!

Beinex Work Culture

Culture@ Beinex

Beinex owns a great environment to work, learn, and grow professionally. It nurtures a positive culture of passion and fosters a self-sustaining cycle of success. That makes working at Beinex meaningful and pleasurable. We have a pretty cool vibe here; supporting and respecting each other's uniqueness is a part and parcel of our culture.

We are indeed proud of our vibrant and multicultural workplace.

So, make your voice heard!

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Beinex India Xmas-New Year Merriment
Beinex offsite visit - Munnar
Halloween Bash

For Us to Work, It Should be a Great Place To Work! !

Beinex, excellent on all the following counts:
Trust Index​
Fairness at the workplace​
Trust Index© feedback credibility of management​
Respect for people​
Camaraderie between people​

For Us to Work, It Should be a Great Place To Work!

Beinex, excellent on all the following counts:
Building a High-Trust, High-Performance Culture™ the Beinex way!

Perks: Careers at Beinex

Comprehensive health plans
Learning and development
On-site travel opportunity
Outdoor training and workshops
Hybrid working environment
Beinex branded merchandise
We hire the best!

Recruitment Process



We screen job applications to identify the cream of the crop.


Video/Intro call

Our HR team reach out to the candidates to verify their credentials, and of course, we can have a chitchat too!



We would love to know who you are! Interviews help to understand you better.



We offer the best in the industry to the best candidate without fail.


Welcome to Beinex !

Beinex academy

Training & Absorption Program

Beinex academy

Training & Absorption Program


We filter the applications to find qualified talent.


Verification of credentials

HR Interview

Interfacing with the HR team

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Employee Testimonial

Job listing

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