Beinex + Tableau

Beinex Partners With Tableau To Provide Next-Gen Business Intelligence And Visual Analytics Solutions

The partnership combines Tableau’s visual analytics capability with Beinex’s business consulting experience. It enables our customers to integrate customized analytics and dashboarding solutions quickly and cost-effectively to manage enterprise risks, improve profit and drive smarter decision-making.

In addition to providing sustainable analytics solutions, Beinex will help organizations to build superior data visual analytics capabilities internally through our bespoke training programs.

We have 100 years of combined experience in Tableau and are led by professionals who have successfully delivered Tableau projects in the region for large private and public sector organizations. Our team of Tableau certified consultants are real life Tableau business users who are passionate about Tableau and delivering the world class experience.

Our partnership spans across entire Middle East countries.

About Tableau

Tableau empowers everyone to explore and understand data. Sophisticated data visualization features on Tableau has made data analytics considerably easier for both average and experienced users. Unlike its competitors, Tableau is equipped with a fine balance of both traditional analytics models and new-age visualization tools to connect, access, combine, and visualize data from various sources.

What sets Tableau apart is the range of superior data visualization options that help create user-friendly graphical reports, as opposed to complex and hard-to-decipher tabular reporting format embedded within most software tools. If you have large data sets and need a user-friendly data visualization solution, Tableau is what you are looking for.

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