Risk & Audit Analytics: Be the Master of Every Moment!

Reducing the margin of error in managing risks and producing mitigative audit insights are always challenging. How easy is it for you to tackle these challenges? Have you succeeded in making your data your prime ally?​

Risk & Audit Analytics

Stay on top of the situation without fail

Beinex provides extensive audit and risk analytics service capabilities thereby helping organisations to remain competitive in a data-driven world.

Take guesstimates out of your calculus and supplant it by superior risk and audit analytics capabilities powered by Beinex and the solutions it offer. Build scenarios, extrapolate insights and predict future events. Experience the killer-effect of keeping surprises to a minimum.

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The Beinex Approach​

How we do what we do.​

The PPTD or People-Process-Technology-Data paradigm of Beinex is with which we summon the hidden organizational prowess to tackle risk complexity, transform audit capabilities and enhance organizational potential for growth. We have run and perfected the model over the past many years and are best positioned to provide you with the essence of our drive, learnings and experience.


Seasoned Risk & Audit Consultants, Managers of Beinex who have partnered with many an enterprise across continents bring the right and suitable suite of expertise to the table. Enterprise risk management infused with data-driven decision making and advanced analytical capabilities on the audit front set them apart. Their mastery of tools gives them the ability to imbue peers with the learnings they acquired making them the best in the MENA region. ​


The established processes governing Enterprise Risk and Audit Management, Business Continuity Management, Compliance and Policy Management, Incident Reporting, Time & Budget Management and more, have all been encapsulated by Beinex converting them into well-oiled systems. The Consultants work with stakeholders of businesses and envision processes that create scenarios for leverage.​


Self-service analytics is one dimension that Beinex specializes in and our Consultants’ mastery of tools like Tableau, Power BI and Alteryx empowers them to impart clients with multiple capabilities in the self-service domain. They are provided with native capabilities to tackle real-world challenges making them truly independent.​


Data is the fluid that powers the hydraulics of Enterprise Audit, Risk and Analytics Capabilities of Beinex. We work not on sample data but plumb into entire population of data making analysis and inferences holistic in nature and comprehensive in disposition. ​

The Flexible Paradigm

Beinex Delivery Model​

The Beinex Delivery Model constitute a range of options that can be customised depending on your ground reality. It primarily falls into one of the following buckets for you:


We aid in converting your risk and audit data into competitive advantage by our robust consulting model of work. We identify data sets that matter and distil, visualise, and analyse them, deriving actionable insights to make better business decisions. Our holistic risk and audit analytics implementation methodology based on best practices from successful enterprise deployments will show the way for you. ​ ​


Looking for specialist risk and audit skills? Need additional resources at peak times? Through co-sourcing, our Risk & Audit professionals can supplement your internal team to augment existing capabilities and derive solutions in a win-win tie-up. Enhance the ability to focus on solid competencies, gain flexibility, reduce cost, and make factful decisions with tact.​

Custom Solutions​

Take advantage of our bespoke solutions developed by combining our management consulting experience and modern Risk & Audit technologies. Aurex, our premier partner, is powered by Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence that also has got NLP-NLG capabilities woven into the system. Drill down to risk, audit, and compliance spectrums at will. Identify the lineage of risk and controls ratings and tap into relevant, real-time insights delivered by the power of Continuous Audit, Risk, Controls and Compliance Monitoring.​


Learn how to evaluate risk and audit imperatives, integrate and visualize data with dashboards and visual analytics, and make better business decisions, faster. Beinex’s customized training improves decision-making capabilities and boosts overall productivity. Specialist training in Aurex is also available.​

A Unified Digital Assurance Ecosystem


Aurex is a unique plug-and-play ecosystem that gives you a greater degree of assurance over your complex, multifaceted organization employing Risk, Audit & Analytics capabilities. The controls environment powered by Aurex work in tandem with the risk dynamics in real time to usher in a new of age of thriving in opportunities for your enterprise. The decision-action loop effectively closed on Aurex means mitigated risks retinue. The end-to-end automation prowess let you take a quantum leap to the future and simplifies everything by providing you with a single source of truth.:

Why Choose Beinex.

Beinex Risk & Audit Analytics spearheaded by Aurex and their seasoned professionals tap into the power of the ecosystem approach as introduced by both Beinex and Aurex. Audit at the speed of risk and speed of thought:


Beinex brings innovation into risk and audit analytics with the help of advanced technologies and valuable input from seasoned professionals. Our techno-functional solutions help businesses to identify, measure, manage and mitigate the risks in a novel and insightful way.


Our risk and audit management professionals are experienced in designing and implementing innovative quantitative risk modeling and risk aggregation tools for specific businesses and markets. We provide robust, intuitive and scalable risk analytics solutions to fit your business needs.

Thought Leadership

Learn how to improve risk and audit analytics, risk reporting, and risk and audit management by harnessing the power of data. Our system taps into a combination of theory and hands-on practices and is run by the pioneers in analytics-based risk and audit management.

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