About Us

At Beinex, we help shape your business with data and analytics! As a digital transformation organization enrooted with ideas, innovation and unparallel customer service, our broad range of analytics modernization and training services will empower you to forge an intelligent and agile enterprise by making data a competitive advantage.

We help change the way our clients approach the business by enabling them to analyze data, mitigate risks, identify opportunities, and automate processes.

Beinex empower organizations to make meaningful decisions by maximizing technology and helping employees to be more productive by coupling data with the right tools.

Digital And Cloud Transformation

We help you advance through the digital transformation through cloud! Optimize your digital transformation as we integrate cloud & cognitive computing to create value for your business.

Audit And Risk Transformation

Our data analytics expertise coupled with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will add value to you audit processes, uncover risks and opportunities, and deliver improved quality and coverage.

State-Of-The Art Technology

At Beinex, we help you to bridge the gap between now and next. We can help you get future ready by utilizing data and prepare your organization for today, and the future.

Start-Up Thinking

By fostering fresh thinking and the power of disruptive technology, we help organizations make proactive decisions and drive operation effectiveness to succeed in a highly competitive world.

Partner & Community

By partnering with the industry leaders and serving as the first Gold Certified Tableau Partner in MEA we will leverage our expertise to deliver the best solutions for your business.

Our People

We have a team of one of the best and brightest experts in the industry. We utilize the disruptive power of technology to master advanced analytics, interactive dashboards, robotics and cognitive automation.

Our Partnerships

Partnerships is what makes us stronger and give us insights on what’s next. Beinex has a strong partnership with some of leading companies, research labs and universities around the globe. You can leverage the power of our partner ecosystem to maximize the value of your end-to-end analytics Journey.

Our Offerings

Audit Analytics

  • Collaborative Technologies to enhance and automate audit process.
  • Access, explore and analyze data with self-service analytics.
  • Transform Internal Audit function by implementing modern Audit Analytics solutions.
  • Training to tap into quality information and uncover lucrative opportunities.

Risk Analytics

  • Identify, measure, manage and mitigate the risks with insights.
  • Create your own digital enterprise risk analytics solutions.
  • Get robust, intuitive and scalable risk analytics solutions tailored for your business.
  • Hands-on practices conducted by the pioneers in analytics-based risk management.


  • Bring intelligence that drives value for your business through AI, ML, and RPA.
  • Uncover risks, patterns, and trends by bringing AI & data to life.
  • Partnered with AI pioneers & Universities.

Tableau Solutions

  • Bridge the gap between data sourcing, analysis, and action.
  • Make smart and quick decisions with our Tableau business analytics solutions.
  • Get expert help from professionals handling the largest Tableau projects in the MENA reg.
  • Ready-to-go Tableau solutions for real-time analysis dashboards.

Advanced Analytics

  • Analytics models to convert data into predictive insights to make smart decisions.
  • Replace human-centered processes and analytics models with AI and software tools.
  • Identify opportunities, uncover risks, and automate the decision making with Machine Learning.
  • Focus on tasks that add value and improve performance with Robotic Process Automation.

Business Intelligence

  • Create and access business intelligence and analytics reports without the IT expertise.
  • Make informed decisions on-the-go. Access critical BI data, dashboards, and charts anywhere.
  • Get insightful visualization solutions to extract value from complex business data.
  • Ready to go business intelligence dashboards tailored for your industry.

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