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MDX Insights Lab

Middlesex University Insights Lab At Beinex, our mission is to transform the way individuals and organizations work with data. It is this core principle that has positioned us at the forefront of the industry and helps us in devising meaningful partnership with organizations. We are honoured to be the strategic partner of the Middlesex University, Dubai Insights lab that focuses on leveraging the expertise of academic researchers and the data science community in the UAE to enable data insights and data monetization through the development and application of new predictive models and analytical approaches. Being a strategic partner of the MDX Insights lab, it is our commitment to bring in our analytical transformation expertise for the lab and its events. We also help the lab with expert analytics consulting, corporate training in data science, and knowledge sharing sessions.

Our Approach

Our strong partnerships with the industry leading BI platforms, research labs and AI evangelists empower us to offer the best solutions and consulting to our clients. Below are the areas of focus for our partnership with MDX Insights lab.

Analytics Consulting

One of the major objectives of the MDX Insights lab is to connect the analytics community and academic fraternity with organizations willing to derive insights from their data. Our business analytics approach can be leveraged to extract meaningful information for organizations working with data.

Corporate Training

At Beinex, we have a competitive edge in advanced corporate training. Our knowledge and expertise in data and business analytics can enhance the quality and consistency of the analytics process. Our experts can offer tailored training solutions that the lab require.


Another major focus of the MDX Insights lab and Beinex is to convert challenging business requirements from corporate organizations into a data hub and release it to the Data Science community via research proposals and Datathons.