Data Governance: Wise Data Access at Work!

Do you experience uncertainty in data- related matters? How robust is your enterprise data cycle? Are you in charge of your data?


Regulate data access to shape your enterprise growth trajectory

There is a simple litmus test to know whether or not you have got your data governance right: regarding the discoverability of your data assets. Does it take a long time to find what data is where? If this be the case, there is something wrong with the way you run your data governance. Similarly, if you are unable to put robust data access controls in place and no audits are happening on the same, there is something about your data governance that needs to change. Data governance also goes to the heart of tracking your data backwards or forwards or upstream or downstream at an enterprise level. 

By robustly managing these above-mentioned aspects, and your vision-oriented, mission-critical data access policies for regular employees, your enterprise can change the way it runs its business. This can have a decisive impact on the achievement of  your business goals and growth. And Beinex can help you!

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Data Governance

Principled Approach to Residency & Sovereignty

These broad measures together with tier-based access protocols for analysts and a suitable data classification system in lockstep ensure a robust, well-oiled functioning of a data governance architecture. Beinex Data Governance practices at the point of :


Data enumerators capture the data and secure, streamlined protocols are deployed to govern the feed of this data to its intended nods of storage. This way, right data reaches the right people for the stated end. Ensures that nothing is lost or misappropriated in transmission.


Once the designated structured/ unstructured/ raw data reaches its place, database tools are utilised to store data in the appropriate set of arrays in the formats deemed necessary. Data policy as ordained by the IT heads and enforced by database administrators and his team, swings into action and govern the progression.

Analysis & Use

The stored data is retrieved and accessed on a role-based and need-to-know based arrangement with inter-team and intra-team data flows regulated in a symphonic manner. No data ends up with the personnel not supposed to view or access it. For instance,  Alteryx and Tableau—Beinex technology partners—have a row-level security feature to stand guard.


Written consent is a pre-requisite for data deletion and disposal. Keeping a copy of the deleted data and maintaining the same for a few days is a standard practice in the organisation.

Beinex Data Governance Expertise

Let’s present to you a snapshot of our expertise in the four critical realms of data governance. While the People-Process-Technology-Data paradigm underpins the Data Governance of Beinex, our Consultants and the tools we operate in, enable, enhance, ensure and empower you with governance:  

Enabling Data Discovery: Getting to know what data is where

Your data is not yours until it is zeroed in on or discovered. The governance model should support the discovery of data and ensure that your data is yours and does not stay hidden in a maze of tables or DBs.

Enhancing Data Access Control: Determining who has access to what

This is of huge importance. No data should end up with the personnel not supposed to view or access it. All data should be shared in such a way that it is done on a need-to-know basis.

Ensuring Data Lineage: Ability to capture upstream/ downstream

We enable you to log and visualise data as it flows from data sources to consumption. All transformations the data underwent thus becomes traceable. Ensures accountability and leads to meaningful governance.

Empowering Data Access Audit: Provisioning for auditing

With discovery, access control and lineage in, the next logical step would be to audit the data for access. This provides the enterprise with the right kind of control– neither too broad nor too narrow– to implement effective data governance. 

Data access Principled Approach​ Governance Expertise

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