Relaunching Tableau Online as Tableau Cloud!

Infusing a Dash of Freshness in Tableau: Relaunching Tableau Online as Tableau Cloud!

Who does not like a makeover? So is Tableau. Tableau Online is now Tableau Cloud! This makeover highlights the modern, sophisticated advances that enable everyone to make smarter, faster decisions.
21 Jun 2022
Sumi S

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    Tableau Cloud is a web-based data visualization tool. It is a part of the futuristic notion that enabled the evolution of a completely hosted, cloud-based solution, enabling wiser decisions through quick, flexible, and simple analytics. Tableau Cloud helps more people and teams obtain insights and become more innovative and competent decision-makers by distributing reliable data across enterprises, eventually leading to better, data-driven outcomes.

    Tableau Cloud takes pride in the fact that the system is built to fit any enterprise architecture, with industry-leading security features, the highest certification requirements such as SOCII and ISO, and best-in-class governance capabilities to guarantee your data is always in the right hands.

    The expected features are all here, with solid and intelligent additions such as Advanced Management, Data Stories, new embedded functionality, etc. These vital advancements add to the advantages of moving Tableau to the cloud, such as time savings, flexibility, and decreased costs. Still, they also give insights that evolve scale without having to install or maintain any software or hardware.

    The most wanted features are here:

    Advanced Management – Advanced Management contains several operational insight elements to gain information into visualisation load times, user interactions, number of views, and more. Admin Insights delivers easy-to-understand visualisations derived from the environment’s usage statistics, and the Activities Log gives granular event data to create a record of activity. The newly added feature helps to handle critical analytics with ease. Features like flexible control, better security and manageability, and limitless scalability are designed to help the business thrive.

    Data Stories – Data stories help to get clear, automated explanations for dashboards in no time. Make dashboard analytics simple with clear, automatic explanations. Big data is divided into critical aspects, and insights are provided in simple terminology

    Embedded Analytics – Embedded Analytics integrates analytics seamlessly into the products and applications, surfacing insights to the users wherever they are, including public domains. It’s straightforward to configure, integrate, and deploy Embedded Analytics right into your applications, products, and online portals. Tableau Cloud will allow administrators to share their workbooks and visualisations with the public, enabling users to view their information without logging in.

    Tableau Cloud is an easy-to-use self-service platform, and all you must do is prepare your data, author, analyze, collaborate, publish, and share on Tableau Cloud


    Tableau Cloud is user-friendly, and its activation can be done with a finger snap. The first step is to configure the authentication mechanism and securely publish interactive dashboards and data because it is managed and hosted by Tableau.

    The material will then be accessible from any browser or mobile device, allowing the team to collaborate and share analytics with everyone, anywhere. Simple, right!

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