Unique Value Proposition


Forget spreadsheets and outdated tools! Embed data analytics into auditing and add more value. Use collaborative technologies to enhance, automate, and improve audit process. Avoid time-consuming processes and zero in on what matters most!

Self-service Analytics

Take analytics into your own hands. Here is a simple, intuitive, and collaborative method to visually interact with data and key risk metrics. Access, explore and analyze data in just a few clicks. Create insightful charts and monitoring dashboards.


We are Big 4 risk advisory experienced professionals with top-notch data analytics and advanced visualization tools expertise. We have helped many large enterprises transform their Internal Audit function by implementing modern Audit Analytics solutions.

Thought Leadership

Our team is led by the pioneers of modern audit analytics in the MENA region.We provide an extensive set of audit analytics services and hands-on training to help auditors tap into quality information and uncover lucrative opportunities.

Client Benefits

Reduce Cost

Increase Audit Efficiency

Increase Audit Effectiveness

Test Full Population


Transform Risk Assessment, Audit Planning, Audit Reporting and Monitoring through proven analytics technology-based approaches. Learn how to use data analytics to refine the focus on risks and opportunities and uncover deeper and actionable insights. We help auditors and executives make data-driven observations that drive growth and profit.


Find experts, applications, technologies, and time-tested practices. Our co-sourcing services are custom-designed to help organizations modernize auditing processes with the minimal human resourcing investment. Our qualified audit analytics consultants will champion the audit analytics culture in your organization.


We support organizations of all sizes and categories by planning, conducting, reviewing, and evaluating entire audit functions and activities. Our experienced professionals can assist clients in identifying potential risks and opportunities, implementing internal controls, managing compliance processes, and adopting recommended practices.



Are you under pressure to do more with less? Take advantage of our experience in audit analytics training and enhance the quality and consistency of audit processes. Learn about the latest audit analytics tools and techniques. Our analytics experts can provide customized training solutions to implement and drive audit analytics in your organization.

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