Risk Analytics

Our Capabilities


Beinex brings innovation into risk analytics with the help of advanced technologies and valuable input from seasoned professionals. Our techno-functional solutions help businesses to identify, measure, manage and mitigate the risks in a novel and insightful way.

Self-service Analytics

Enable the Risk Management professionals to explore data, create personalized reports and dynamic dashboards, and share them across your organization without IT intervention. Create your own digital enterprise risk analytics solutionss.


Our risk professionals are experienced in designing and implementing innovative quantitative risk modeling and risk aggregation tools for specific businesses and markets.We provide robust, intuitive and scalable risk analytics solutions to fit your business needs.

Thought Leadership

Learn how to improve risk analytics, risk reporting, and risk management by harnessing the power of data. Our training program is a combination of theory and hands-on practices, conducted by the pioneers in analytics-based risk management.

Our Risk Analytics Offerings

Ready To Go Solutions

Enterprise Risk Dashboards

Revolutionizing your risk reporting and monitoring

Visualize your risk data in a novel and insightful way. Our risk analytics dashboards connect to your enterprise data sources. It correlates and aggregate the risk data to generate insights that help you understand your risk levels and develop mitigation plans.


We help businesses adopt smart risk analytics methodologies to boost risk intelligence and make risk-aware decisions that drive performance. Increase your capabilities to anticipate risks and maximize opportunities through data-driven insights. Achieve profitable growth and successfully address changing regulatory demands.


Embrace advanced resourcing models to organize, analyze, and visualize risks. Our team of experienced consultants and seasoned risk experts can help companies achieve challenging objectives and deliver value-added results. Our risk analytics experts can champion your organization’s risk analytics projects on-demand.


Beinex team helps organizations implement risk analytics solutions and technologies to understand, quantify, manage, and mitigate risks. Analytics enables informed decisions on business processes, regulations, technologies, security, and day-to-day operations. Our visual risk analytics solutions are mobile enabled to monitor and follow-up the KRIs on the go.


Successful risk management begins with in-depth understanding of emerging risks and increasing business complexities. Learn how to understand and manage risks effectively. Use analytics to collect, visualize, and analyze data. Predict risks and manage uncertainties. Minimize negative outcomes and achieve strategic and financial objectives.

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