Beinex is Now Great Place to Work-Certified™!

Beinex is Now Great Place to Work-Certified™!

As an organisation, Beinex cannot conceive of any other way to work: for us to work, it should be a great place to work! There is simply no other way.

Beinex Consulting Pvt. Ltd is now Great Place to Work-Certified™! Congratulations to all of us! And thank you for the trust and commitment that you, Beinexians have shown all along the way!

3 Nov 2022
Manikandan Baskaran

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    This is a remarkable achievement. Yes, something which we have been living is now officially recognised, and it adds to our commitment to keeping Beinex a Great Place to Work, always!

    Snapshots from the Survey

    1. Our Trust Index is 84! The Trust Index© score is the percentage of employees that shared a positive response (rated 4 or 5 on a 5-point scale) to the 59 statements of the survey.
    2. Trust Index© Feedback Credibility of Management stands at 87.
    3. Respect for people – 80
    4. Fairness at the Workplace – 84
    5. Pride – 86
    6. Camaraderie between People – 86

    What our accomplishment means

    The Great Place to Work® Certification Program is the initial step for an organisation on its journey of building a High-Trust, High-Performance Culture™ and our organisation has successfully reached this milestone.

    Yes, the word that should be borne in mind is ‘milestone’. We still have a long way to go! And we will, with confidence, sustain our victories on all fronts.

    We will not rest on our laurels

    As the next step to our Certification, we have various opportunities to learn, develop & grow our talent with the help of Great Place to Work® Events. They are characterised by an exciting range of engagement measures and large-scale events from where we would be able to learn and contribute to the richness of our culture.

    About Great Place to Work Institute

    Great Place to Work® Institute is a global management research and consulting firm dedicated towards enabling organizations to achieve business objectives by building better workplaces. They work with over 10,000 organizations globally every year to help them create and sustain High-Trust, High-PerformanceTM cultures.

    As part of the assessment, they measured the perceptions of Beinex’s employees using Great Place to Work® Trust Index© Employee Survey and understood our organization’s differentiating culture through the Culture Brief© and Culture Audit©.