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Advanced Analytics: Facilitating One Giant Leap to The Future

The future of Advanced Analytics is promising, and it is evolving rapidly to stay one step ahead of Business Intelligence and Data Analytics. The sector has incorporated many sophisticated tools and techniques like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Predictive Modelling to harness insightful output which can take any business to the next level. Advanced Analytics is employed in various critical sectors like HR, Banking, Retail, Manufacturing and Finance adding to the surge of growth in those sectors.
31 Mar 2022
Sumi S

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    1. Advanced Analytics in HR

    HR teams always struggle with mammoth amounts of data which can be transformed into meaningful insights with the help of Advanced Analytics. The applications of Advanced Analytics can spearhead the domains of recruitment, learning and development of the employees and help manage their performance.

    It can aid HR to identify the shortcomings in the existing resources and help decide to improve the skills of existing employees or hire competent new talent. The added advantage of HR analytics is that it is efficient in analysing employee performance by categorising them according to their individual calibre.

    2. Advanced Analytics in Banking

    Advanced Predictive Analytics has the potential to gear up the banking sector by assisting banks to adopt better strategies assessing and predicting customer behaviour. It can safeguard customer accounts from cyber-attacks and can detect fraudulent activities. Real-time alert messages are the most exclusive of the features which can shield against cyber-attacks to a big extent.

    3. Advanced Analytics in Retail

    The uncertain economy creates challenging scenarios for retailers. But Advanced Analytics functions act as a handy tool to make use of customer insights from the silos of data and provide a personalised and tailored marketing experience. It can be both cost saving and can unleash business growth to a great extent.

    4. Advanced Analytics in Manufacturing

    Manufacturing Analytics harvests revolutionary output from the manufacturing process, supply chain production, and customer delivery. The global manufacturing market is predicted to grow up to $28.5 billion by 2026 and the growth can be multiplied using the insights generated by analytics. Tools for asset management, product development, inventory management, and predictive maintenance can generate insightful options to rake in revenue amidst the limitations of the times.

    5. Advanced Analytics in Finance

    Financial sector produces a huge quantity of structured and unstructured data. The finance consultants or analysts should exploit this data with the help of Advanced Analytics to tackle financial troubles and to identify customer related requirements and issues. Advanced Analytics also helps to implement business plans and eliminate fraudulent activities. Financial institutions like loaning bodies, banks, trading firms, and insurance companies can improve their performance and revenue by deploying Advanced Analytics.

    6. The Future of Advanced Analytics

    Advanced Analytics is evolving and has become the indispensable requirement to run businesses. Due to the worldwide reception and adoption by the business community, analytics and information services sectors are predicted to have the fastest growth rate from 16% to 18% over the next five years starting 2022. As the market is getting competitive, planning and implementing strategic investments with data analytics is crucial to create new services and added revenue.

    How Beinex can act as a torchbearer

    Beinex has impacted and accelerated the growth of its customers and clients. With its impeccable offerings, it has partaken to build, market and expand businesses worldwide. The services provided by Beinex are enlisted below bracketed into respective domains:

    Predictive Analytics

    This outstanding service offers you predictive insights to make resolutions which in turn can power your business.

    Artificial Intelligence

    To cut short expenses and to attain target within a short period of time, make use of our AI tools or applications. It is beneficial to aggregate and automate data processing.

    Machine Learning

    A vast quantity of data can be analysed using algorithms which can accelerate the decision-making process. With Machine Learning, specific and relevant data can be extracted and utilised to leverage businesses.


    Robotic Process Automation or software robots can accelerate digital transformation by emulating human actions. Automation of workflows, greater degree of accuracy, better productivity, high efficiency, and lesser costs are a few major takeaways from RPA which can accelerate business growth.


    Advanced Analytics is here to stay, as organisations have started to rely on analytics more than ever before to predict business outcomes. It is sure to govern the business world as it has gained trust as a superpower which is accessible to all but chosen by only a few.