Beinex Digital Product Suite, a collection of AI and ML driven applications

One Suite and Project and Performance Management in One Go

Beinex Digital Product Suite, a collection of AI and ML driven applications customized to suit your business needs scale down the effort of individually tracking the bunch of unstructured data by converting it to reports using NLP techniques.
20 Jun 2022
Sumi S

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    Introducing Enterprise Project Management and Enterprise Performance Management (STRACT) solutions:

    Enterprise Project Management

    Project management is akin to running a small city. An innumerable number of projects, resources, and deadlines are to be taken care of, along with budget management, proper risk prediction and communication. It is stressful to handle so many things, and finally, it results in never-ending email chains, missed deadlines and dissatisfied clients. Despite this, managers fail to find solutions for all these nerve-wracking issues.

    Projects are completed frequently under enormous time constraints that result in poor quality output. Every client has strategic goals, and poor project management ruins their objectives. Project management is critical in this case because projects that veer off course or fail to adapt to business needs may be costly and inappropriate.

    Well, what is the proper solution?

    Enterprise Project Management solution from Beinex Digital assists businesses in accurately measuring & controlling scope and consistently delivering projects aligned with business goals to ensure project success. A standalone tool for niche buyers with project portfolio management, resource management, risk management, demand management, and project analytics, this application can work wonders.

    Beinex’s enterprise app is an ideal tool that act as a force multiplier in enhancing project management efficiency; the goal of the solution is to connect the company’s goals with recurring projects to ensure that resources are directed to the right spot at the right time. It also entails managing the interdependent elements between projects and ensuring they are completed on time and within budget.

    Use Cases
    • Risk Analysis: Identification and mitigation of project risks
    • Structured Estimating: Calculate the project’s costs, resources, and duration
    • Project Evaluations: Keep track of the current project portfolio’s progress.
    • Project Management Coaching: Entails providing project managers with training.
    • Escalated Issue Management: Draw attention to critical issues.
    • Time Management: Create a time management system
    • Information System Management: Create a centralised management platform for information systems
    Enterprise Performance Management (STRACT)

    In today’s workforce, inefficient performance and management are roadblocks leading to heavy financial losses. Traditional data collection, validation, budgeting, forecasting, and reporting approaches are time-consuming and inaccurate. The regularity of mundane tasks drains employees’ energy and keeps them away from value-added assignments.

    So, what is the remedy?

    Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) is essentially a set of management processes, often aided by technology, which supports the improvement of strategic decisions made by people in organisations daily. The quality of those decisions distinguishes successful businesses from the rest. As a result, performance management is a broad term for a set of management approaches that enable organisations to define and execute their strategy and measure and monitor performance to inform strategic decision-making and learning.

    STRACT by Beinex is an indisputably efficient tool that helps deliver optimised business performance. It allows businesses to forecast, track, assess, and identify areas for improvement across all operations. Companies can thoroughly and comprehensively analyse all relevant financial and operational metrics across various levels of the business by consolidating data and performance metrics into one centralised database and then measuring this against their strategic goals.

    STRACT is a comprehensive solution with features that allow you to create more accurate and flexible budgets, which will enhance your current business and resource planning and forecasting. It has a Performance Cockpit that has a comprehensive performance management interface with modules covering the creation, editing and maintenance of performance.

    Use cases

    Consolidation of Financial Statements: Equity roll-ups, minority interest calculations, intercompany transactions, and currency translation adjustments are consolidated.

    Financial Close: Improving business processes and efficiency within the Finance Department to streamline the monthly, quarterly, and year-end close.

    Financial Reporting: It is essential whether you are a public company reporting to the SEC or a private company reporting to your stakeholders.

    Financial Planning and Analysis: It includes trend analysis, variance analysis, line-item detail, and commentary.

    Operational Planning: Capacity and Demand Planning, Sales and Marketing Planning, and Capital Expenditures (CAPEX) Planning are examples of operational planning.

    Strategic Planning: It can model long-term capital, working ratios, and acquisitions and divestitures.

    Real-Time Decision Making: With better data, subject matter experts can make better decisions faster.

    These are the features that facilitate both EPM and STRACT:

    Three-way Multi-factor Authentification: Fully secure platform with User Authentication, SMS OTP and Captcha Confirmation and dedicated user access management and control page.

    Activity Tracking and Notification: Keeps track of progress status through designated stages of the project lifecycle and maintains transaction logs for Audit purposes and automated alerts and progress notification.

    Interactive Dashboards and Reports: Simplified and interactive dashboard and reporting module to display project status dynamically with drill-down options. Automated reports allow real-time progress tracking.

    Collaboration-based User Experience: Ability to collaborate and communicate on a Project line level with features to Add/ Edit tasks, upload attachments and communicate with other users through comments.

    End-to-end Project Management: Comprehensive project management interface with modules covering the creation, editing and maintenance of Projects.