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Saving 1700 hours with 50% productivity leap powered by Beinex Digital

Thanks to Beinex, the client's performance management achieved the set goals by digitally transforming their entire business processes, saving a considerable and unprecedented amount of time and effort.
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Strategy & Performance Management

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Strategy Department of a large UAE based govt. entity. Responsible for its core function of formulating and conceptualising strategies with far-reaching impacts, the issues they faced were formidable.

Requirement Requirement


The client, due to manual data management, faced significant setbacks in operations and functions and wanted to arrest this trend. The process it was into, was marked by wastage of time and inaccuracies. It also muddled the view to business-critical insights which further hampered taking of ideal business decisions. This needed to be brought to a stop and had to have a reversal. There was also the issue of humongous amounts of data and outdated reports interrupting smooth functioning of operations with the business failing to achieve targeted benchmarks.

Challenges Challenges


The client had faced a bevy of challenges:

Problems with consolidation of data:

The workflows and the then-extant operating model of the client led it to have problems in poor data consolidation and validation. The data personnel had to expend serious effort, time and expertise but still ended up having redundancies and discrepancies which put decision-making in a tight spot. The issues, in association with fragmented organisational structure and the presence of multiple data sources and security impediments added to the woes of senior management and stakeholders.

Issues with data accuracy:

Data inaccuracy can come in many forms. The range of inconsistent report formats, poor data quality standards coupled with the lack of precision and refinement of insights created a range of issues for the client. The business functions, a few of them, experienced diversion from core business tasks with the technology of the time unable to handle large volumes of data.

Longer time to Insights:

The client encountered hindrances in taking proactive decisions with relevant reports arriving behind schedule. Manual insight generation obviously has to face a lot of queries in the formation process which ultimately leads to a backlog of questions. The case of the client was no exception. With continuous monitoring and data analysis absent, getting hold of real-time insights was simply impossible. This meant multiple operational touch points characterised by manual data cleansing and standardization activities along with lack of real-time insights and operations created hurdles on the way for the client. Tag to this the inability to customise reports and the picture of issues become full.

Silos, silos and more silos:

With the issues mentioned above, formation of silos or tightly closed information compartments became the norm. The absence of robust information sharing, the non-integration of functions and lack of expert resources added to the problems.

Lack of AI-ML capabilities and the heightened cost of tech-acquisition:

Solving complex problems without human intervention is the holy grail of computing. But this always comes at a hefty price tag and the client had its own calcified budget limits. The tasks, primarily of mundane nature, could have been automated but the issues mentioned above stood as barriers.

Process Process


To overcome all the challenges and leverage the client’s performance, the enterprise had to address specific business gaps and use cases with a platform driven by self-service Analytics with AI and ML capabilities which also had a constrained budgetary angle to it. The set of actions that Beinex took ushered in the right kind of ecosystem spearheaded by the EPMS. Those were:

  • Ensuring data consolidation & ease of management
  • Creating a data accuracy and efficiency
  • Automation of previously manual tasks
  • Generation of a more streamlined and productive workflow
  • Gathering of real-time insights from real-time analytics
  • Implementation of self-service analytics to gain actionable insights
  • Ease of implementation akin to plug-and-play
Result Result


With the adoption of digital problem-solving in a cost-effective manner and the transformation onto a single platform, a single source of truth was the outcome for the client fuelled by excellent visibility into all the data sets with the end-user assuming Self-service Analytics capabilities. As a result, specific business gaps were easily identified, and remedial actions were taken in time which powered the business further down the road with added acceleration.

The client thus leveraged the features of the EPMS tool, powered by AI and ML capabilities, and witnessed a steady rise in the organisation’s performance.

Key Key

Key Takeaway

Thanks to Beinex, the client’s performance management achieved the set goals by digitally transforming their entire business processes, saving a considerable and unprecedented amount of time and effort.

Client Client Requirement Requirement Challenges Challenges Process Process Result Result Key Takeaway Key Takeaway