Accelerating Project Time-to-Market by 30% and Employee Efficiency

Accelerating Project Time-to-Market by 30% and Employee Efficiency by 50% using Enterprise Project Management System

Ultimately, thanks to Beinex, our client was able to concentrate on the projects that needed immediate attention, free from all the distractions caused by tasks going off track or budgets spinning out of control, delivering on promises to management.
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Digital Transformation

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A large Middle East based govt digital authority with a mandate to usher in transformations in the digital arena of the country. The Authority had its task cut out but with plenty of barriers on its way inhibiting the progressive measures that were undertaken.

Requirement Requirement


Our client was experiencing a host of problems in terms of resource loss, project scheduling issues, security nightmares and interpersonal conflicts. Hiring of hands was also not rationalised. Thus, the client realised that manual project management had a slew of difficulties and inefficiencies accompanying it not to mention the issues resulting out of a lack of effective communication between the team and stakeholders.

Challenges Challenges


The client faced a legion of challenges:

Different platforms to manage, track, and deliver the work:

The client had a multitude of platforms when it came to conceiving a project plan, assigning & scheduling tasks, and tracking the project activities to deliver the team’s best work. This erected in its wake, unnecessary and avoidable silos which prevented effective project management from fructifying.

Lack of collaborative planning & centralized monitoring:

The client had found activity level discussions stymied and a centralised monitoring system absent inhibiting collaborative planning and participatory approach. Thus, often, teams that were supposed to collaborate effectively were left lurching in different pages and often found performing duplicate tasks. Meanwhile, the Project Managers were struggling and grappling with navigating multiple platforms and facing difficulty in attaining the stipulated deliverables of quality.

Lack of holistic and real-time picture of the project’s status because of the absence of live project analytics plus manual executive reporting:

The lack of centralised monitoring and a multitude of platforms meant ample time, resources, and expertise were getting wasted in manual project management.

Silos, silos and more silos:

With the issues mentioned above, formation of silos or tightly closed information compartments became the norm. The absence of robust information sharing, the non-integration of functions and lack of expert resources added to the problems.

Issues with continuous tracking of budget & resource utilisation:

Precision budgeting and sticking to one’s lane on proper resource utilisation as well as attainment of milestones in the project were not forthcoming for our client because of a nexus of issues. The client found it hard to give due focus to enhance the team’s efficiency for successful project execution. The Project Manager had to cope with controlling spiraling up of project costs which ultimately turned out to be complicated and tedious.

Lack of employee notification system & risk alerts:

With multiple platforms and disparate systems adding to the commotion, the teams found themselves missing out on status updates across multiple areas – important chats or comments that may need corresponding action not to speak of getting alerted to deadlines and any foreseeable risks that warrants immediate attention. This communication gap was telling when it came to proper project execution.

Lack of inter-team collaboration and that with the stakeholders of the project:

Coupled with the above-mentioned challenge was the lack of interaction and the presence of poor communication delivering wrong solutions. The client found it challenging to identify the kind of communication style that would give the best results in certain circumstances and on ways and means to keep the stakeholders fully informed of the project’s status. There was clearly no effective interaction in multiple channels across mutually dependent stakeholders.

Process Process


Automation allows for highly effective interaction and relieves organisations of manual, time-consuming, repetitive administrative tasks, freeing up resources for much more of valuable activities. Yes, enter the Enterprise Project Management System (EPMS) which we undertook and implemented for the client that led to a gratifying success story to unfold. Resultantly, the enlisted challenges were addressed effectively and efficiently in one stroke.

Have a look at the EPMS features that addressed the challenges holistically for our client:

Project planning: Plan, assign, schedule, and enable task logging realistically. Avoid the hassle of rescheduling recurring tasks. Set Timeline Targets, Milestones, and Success Criteria. Analyse the total planned work hours with total hours logged and identify any critical paths in a project to ensure they aren’t delayed and derail the entire project.

Customized Workflows and Approvals:
Project performance cockpit: Monitor one’s project status by comparing the progress to the planned goals, ensuring one does not deviate from the initial schedule. See how each project progresses and get detailed reports on projects’ status, ownership, client, and budget health. View overdue tasks or high priority tasks in one click to plan one’s work efficiently.

User collaboration: Collaborate better with the help of personal or group chat rooms. Send automated notifications and one-click alerts to the assignee, clients, or specific users when the status of an issue or task is modified. View all project activities in one place, easily schedule meetings and events, and see what one has planned for the coming week to stay on top of your schedule.

Control & data capture: Easily create, store, organise, and share project files with your team, ensuring utmost data security with dedicated access requests and control modules. Import projects and collaborate with your team and start working right away. Get an overall picture of performance and progress, identify problems that require further attention, and get better insights into your project data using interactive dashboards.

Result Result


The client was able to carry out the project’s initiating, planning, execution, monitoring, controlling, and closing procedures thereby achieving all the agreed-upon goals within the set scope, time, quality, and budget standards.

Key Key

Key Takeaway

Ultimately, thanks to Beinex, our client was able to concentrate on the projects that needed immediate attention, free from all the distractions caused by tasks going off track or budgets spinning out of control, delivering on promises to management.

Client Client Requirement Requirement Challenges Challenges Process Process Result Result Key Takeaway Key Takeaway