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What’s New in Tableau’s 2024.1 Release: Tableau Pulse, Metrics Layer, Viz Navigation, and More

Tableau's exciting 2024.1 release is packed with features designed to streamline your data journey, improve accessibility, and empower data-driven decision-making across your organization. From AI-powered insights delivered through Tableau Pulse to a unified metrics layer and enhanced text table navigation, this update is a game-changer. Let's explore these innovations and see how they can benefit your business.

14 Mar 2024

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    Tableau’s 2024.1 Release: What’s in it for you

    Do your employees struggle to understand complex data visualizations? Does your organization lack a consistent approach to defining metrics? Are you looking for ways to make data more accessible for everyone? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the new features in Tableau 2024.1 are for you! This release addresses these common challenges head-on, offering solutions like Viz Navigation for Text Tables, the Metrics Layer in Tableau Pulse, and more. Keep reading to learn more about these innovations and how they can revolutionize your data analysis workflows:

    1. Tableau Pulse: Personalized Insights Delivered

    Tableau Pulse is a real lifesaver, transforming how your organization interacts with data. Here’s how it empowers your workforce:

  • Personalized Metrics: Get AI-driven insights and relevant metrics delivered directly to your inbox and Slack, eliminating the need for complex visualizations.
  • Simplified Data Exploration:Gain a deeper understanding of business performance with natural language summaries that explain the “why” behind the data.
  • Mobile Access:Stay on top of key metrics on the go with the Tableau Pulse mobile app for iOS and Android.
  • To learn more about Tableau Pulse, click here: https://beinex.com/topics/tableau-ai-and-tableau-pulse-tableaus-dynamic-duo/

    2. The Metrics Layer: Building a Unified Language for Data

    Achieving consistency and clarity in data analysis is key to making informed decisions. The Metrics Layer within Tableau Pulse tackles this challenge by providing a central hub for defining and managing metrics.

    Here’s how it works:

  • Standardize Metric Definitions:Create clear and consistent definitions for your metrics, including real-world business context.
  • Single Source of Truth:Ensure everyone across the organization uses the same definition for a particular metric, eliminating confusion and maintaining consistency.
  • Effortless Updates:Any changes made to a metric definition are automatically applied to all related metrics, saving time and ensuring accuracy.
  • Deeper Insights: The Metrics Layer understands the underlying business context associated with your data. This allows Tableau Pulse to provide more relevant and insightful answers to your “what” and “why” questions about your metrics.
  • By creating a unified language for data, the Metrics Layer empowers collaboration and drives data-driven decision making throughout your organization.

    3. Tableau Pulse on Mobile: Stay on Top of Your Data Anywhere

    Monitor key metrics and gain actionable insights, even when you’re on the go. Tableau Pulse seamlessly integrates with Tableau Mobile, allowing you to access your personalized AI-powered insights directly from your smartphone or tablet.

    Get a quick snapshot of your metrics:

  • See real-time trends and track how your performance is shaping up.
  • Understand the “why” behind the numbers with natural language summaries provided by Tableau Pulse.
  • Dive deeper for a comprehensive analysis:

  • Simply click on a metric within your email or Slack digest notification.
  • Tableau Mobile will automatically launch, taking you directly to the relevant insights exploration page within the app.
  • This one-click access empowers everyone in your organization to make data-driven decisions, regardless of location. Tableau Pulse is available on both iOS and Android versions of Tableau Mobile.

    4. Tableau Available Through AWS Marketplace: Streamlined Procurement and Deployment

    For organizations leveraging the power of AWS cloud infrastructure, Tableau Cloud is now available on the AWS Marketplace. This integration offers several benefits:

  • Simplified Procurement:IT leaders can leverage existing AWS purchasing processes for Tableau Cloud, streamlining procurement workflows and reducing administrative burden.
  • Consolidated Billing:Unify your cloud bills, bringing together your AWS and Tableau Cloud expenses for a clearer picture of IT spending.
  • Faster Deployment:Benefit from the ease and familiarity of the AWS Marketplace for a quicker and more streamlined Tableau Cloud deployment process.
  • 5. Viz Navigation for Text Tables: Enhanced Accessibility

    Tableau 2024.1 introduces a groundbreaking feature for exploring data visualizations: Viz Navigation for Text Tables. This innovative capability empowers users to navigate and interact with text tables using their keyboard or assistive technologies, removing the need for a mouse.

    Benefits for all users:

  • Improved Accessibility:Users with disabilities or those who prefer keyboard controls can now easily explore text tables within dashboards and stories.
  • Effortless Navigation: Navigate through rows and columns of data using keyboard shortcuts, making data exploration quicker and more efficient for everyone.
  • Screen Reader Compatibility:Screen reader users will hear the information for each cell as they navigate the text table, providing a seamless data exploration experience.
  • Deeper Insights with Text Tables: Viz Navigation for Text Tables empowers dashboard authors to create more comprehensive visualizations. Text tables can be used alongside charts and graphs to provide supplementary details, allowing users to delve deeper into the data without needing to switch to the “View Data” option.
  • This new feature signifies Tableau’s commitment to making data accessible to everyone, regardless of their ability or preferred method of interaction.

    6. Tableau Prep: Identify Duplicate Rows

    Tableau Prep enables you to take control of your data quality. By removing or correcting duplicates, you can build trust in your data and generate reliable insights that drive better business decisions.

    Effortlessly Spot Duplicates:

  • Leverage Tableau Prep’s intuitive interface to quickly pinpoint duplicate rows across your data.
  • Gain a clear visual representation of duplicates, allowing you to easily understand the cause of the duplication.
  • Cleanse Your Data with Confidence:

  • Based on your specific data preparation needs, you can either:
    1. Remove identified duplicates to ensure a clean and accurate dataset.
    2. Fix the underlying issues causing the duplication, preserving valuable data points.

    A New Era of Data-Driven Decision Making

    With Tableau 2024.1 and Tableau Pulse, you have everything you need to democratize data across your organization. Empower your employees to leverage insights and make data-driven decisions that drive real business impact.

    How Beinex Can Assist You

    Beinex, a premier Tableau partner, provides sustainable analytics solutions to organizations and help to build superior data visual analytics capabilities internally through our bespoke training programs. Our team of Tableau-certified consultants are real-life Tableau business users who are passionate about Tableau and delivering a world-class experience. Connect with us for a Tableau free trial.