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Tableau AI and Tableau Pulse: Tableau’s Dynamic Duo

Generative AI, IoT, and automation data stand at the forefront, reshaping how we interact with information. As technology propels us toward a pivotal juncture, businesses face a make-or-break moment, where leveraging data-driven insights is imperative for sustained competitiveness and robust customer relationships.

However, challenges still persist. There's a pressing need for enhanced accessibility and understanding of analytics.

5 Dec 2023
Team Beinex

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    Enter Tableau AI—the next evolutionary leap, simplifying data analysis to the point of asking a question. Powered by Einstein, Salesforce’s AI, Tableau AI heralds a new frontier in effortless data exploration. Alongside this innovation comes Tableau Pulse, revolutionizing the data experience for all users within your organization, irrespective of their familiarity with data analytics.

    Tableau AI

    Tableau AI stands as a groundbreaking innovation, harnessing the advanced capabilities of generative AI to revolutionize and democratize the data analysis process. This next evolution of Tableau is grounded in the trusted and ethical foundations of Einstein, ensuring its reliability and safety for all users.

    The true power of Tableau AI lies in its capacity to elevate every facet of the Tableau platform, driving performance, efficiency, and scalability to new heights.

    Tableau AI empowers data analysts by automating analysis, preparation, and governance processes. It streamlines workflows, reduces technical barriers, and eliminates repetitive tasks. Using AI, it facilitates natural language calculations, suggests suitable visualizations, and generates data source descriptions.

    Focused on aiding decision-making, Tableau AI distills meaningful insights from datasets, presenting them in plain language. It anticipates follow-up questions and helps break down data silos for effortless access to vital insights. Its conversational interface swiftly delivers essential insights, designed for both experts and non-experts in data analysis.

    Tableau Pulse

    Tableau Pulse introduces a transformative era in data interaction, making analytics accessible to everyone. Enabled by Tableau AI, this reimagined data experience is tailored for analytics consumers, delivering smart, personalized, and contextual insights seamlessly integrated into their workflow. It’s a paradigm shift empowering every employee with the tools to make data-driven decisions effortlessly.

    This evolution reshapes how individuals connect with data, fostering deeper, more meaningful engagements. Its goal? To elevate the entire organization, transcending the limitations of the 29% currently leveraging data for decision-making. Tableau Pulse is a game-changer, especially benefiting those pressed for time, seeking instant access to data for swift decisions, and desiring a deeper comprehension of the ‘why’ behind data, not just the ‘how’ and ‘what.’

    Experience the future of data interaction with Tableau Pulse, where insights become an inherent part of everyday workflows, empowering individuals across the organization to harness the full potential of their data effortlessly.

    Streamline Your Focus with Metrics that Matter

    Businesses grapple with vast volumes of information, often presenting reports in a standardized manner to accommodate entire teams. While this aids time-strapped analysts by minimizing the need for bespoke reports, it leaves end-users sifting through data to locate their relevant metrics—an arduous and time-consuming task.

    Tableau Pulse revolutionizes this paradigm by seamlessly delivering personalized data summaries directly within your workflow. It introduces an intuitive, customized metrics homepage, allowing you to curate metrics aligned with your specific requirements. Say goodbye to the cumbersome process of filtering through multiple dashboards to find pertinent figures.

    At the start of this example, Tableau Pulse presents a select set of metrics fitted to this specific user’s focus.
    These metrics are curated based on recent data trends identified by Tableau AI:
    recent data trends identified by Tableau AI

    Towards the bottom of this example, Tableau Pulse showcases the KPIs that this user has actively tracked. Within this section, Tableau Pulse provides the most recent metric value, a brief visual representation of the trend, and an AI-generated insight specifically pertaining to that metric:

    AI-generated insight specifically pertaining to that metric

    Embed Relevant Data into Your Workflow

    These days, professionals juggle various applications, which poses a challenge when tracking crucial KPIs. The continual shift between disparate tools not only consumes time but also disrupts workflow continuity.

    Tableau Pulse heralds a transformative shift by integrating pertinent data directly into users’ existing tools. This breakthrough ensures data detachment from specific dashboards, guaranteeing access to essential metrics without workflow interruptions. Insights are seamlessly captured within the tools where users spend the most time, eradicating the risk of missing critical information due to platform discrepancies. Additionally, this integration streamlines the scalability of insights across the organization, simplifying the process of visualizing, sharing, and collaborating on data by utilizing tools already familiar to everyone within the company.

    collaborating on data by utilizing tools already familiar to everyone within the company

    Effortless Data Interpretation

    Today’s data interpretation can often entail a laborious and manual process. Users invest significant time analyzing data to unveil trends and insights while navigating the labyrinth of questions to pose to their datasets. This complexity invariably impedes decision-making speed and hampers overall productivity.

    Tableau Pulse redefines data utilization by automating analysis and communicating insights in easily comprehensible, natural language formats. Initially, Tableau Pulse assumes the burden of uncovering the ‘why’ behind the ‘what.’ It autonomously identifies and generates insights, predicting the queries you might raise and even suggesting questions that may not have crossed your mind. Subsequently, Tableau AI succinctly summarizes these insights conversationally. This streamlined approach facilitates faster, informed decision-making, eliminating the need for extensive manual data analysis.

    In the example below, Tableau Pulse extends its capabilities to address your data inquiries using natural language. Upon delving deeper into the “Appliance Sales” metric, Tableau Pulse was queried, “What is driving change in Appliance Sales?” In response, Tableau Pulse swiftly provided a concise answer along with a visual representation elucidating the factors influencing this change.

    visual representation elucidating the factors influencing this change.

    With the introduction of Tableau AI and Tableau Pulse, Tableau is set to revolutionize the industry once more, unveiling a fresh experience tailored for analytics consumers. This innovation aims to empower every individual to embrace a truly data-driven approach. Tableau AI and Pulse are reshaping how organizations engage with data, empowering decision-making, and fostering a more data-driven future.