Recently we held a partner breakout session at the ‘Salesforce Live Middle East and Africa’ event. We showcased a use-case on integrating Tableau into Salesforce for better insights. This is an example on how Einstein analytics and Tableau can complement each other in Salesforce. Please find the video below:

Video Transcript:

Hi, welcome to ‘Salesforce + Tableau = Success” with Mohamed Roshan, Solutions Architect, Beinex.

Good day everyone, welcome to the Salesforce Middle East event. In this presentation I will be providing an overview of Beinex and how we stand out as a digital transformation entity focused on cloud and analytics transformation by showcasing key platforms we have partnered with. Moving on, I will be highlighting the benefits of using number one CRM platform Salesforce in your enterprise through attributes such as Einstein analytics that can drive business sales. Furthermore, we will discuss the best data visualization tool in the market, Tableau, and the advantages of integrating the world’s best CRM and analytics platform together. Finally, we will end this video showing you a quick demo of integrating Tableau to a Salesforce account.

BEINEX: The Right Partner

So, we will begin with a quick introduction about the company Beinex. We are a Salesforce partner, and Beinex is the first and only Tableau gold partner in the Middle East region. Beinex is a pioneer in self-service analytics and we have enabled many business users in conducting analytics on the go.

We have a team of certified consultants with over 100 years of combined experience and consulting. Together, we have embedded large digital transformation projects through Cognitive Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Transformation for the public and private sector in the Middle East.

Our Partnerships

Along with our partnership with Salesforce and Tableau, Beinex is also partnered with other platforms such as Alteryx, HVR, Amazon Web Services and Snowflake. Together, partnering Salesforce and Tableau, we can help see and understand data clearly using Salesforce data to blend with Tableau visualizations. We can achieve increased visibility and deeper understanding of your customers. This provides for a high success rate where you can provide your teams in finance, operations, and board members with secure, up-to-date and customized views of your data.

Salesforce + Tableau = Success!

With Salesforce, you can analyse vast data sets, suggest beneficial actions, glean critical insights, and automate tasks. The use of Salesforce can boost productivity and discover relevant patterns in all your data, whether it lives in Salesforce or outside. We can find simple artificial intelligence insights and recommendations to tough problems. Salesforce have time and time again delivered proven recommendations to employees and customers right in the applications where they work. With the ability of Salesforce, we can define recommendations, create action strategies, build predictive models, display recommendations, and even activate automation. These attributes combined make up the Einstein analytics which is tightly integrated on the Salesforce platform. There are external connectors in Einstein that can connect to external data sources.

Einstein Analytics

Let us take a look at some of the advantages Einstein analytics that are brought through on Salesforce. One is the pipeline management – simply you can comprehend the modifications to your opportunity progressively on a real-time basis. A perfect example for this would be that we can analyse closed deals that were won, versus the deals that were lost. Additionally, managing these pipelines allow us to recognize trends to help develop the sales pipeline and make a significant list of changes to work inside the application. Secondly, there is a boost in sales performance using Salesforce. We can make individual team members compare their performance for quarters with the presence of leader view
dashboards on Salesforce. These can provide a top-notch view of the KPIs and provide further analysis of the data to enable action without ever having to exit the application. Perhaps the biggest advantage in Salesforce for managers is the ability to forecast sales. Using this forecasting feature in Salesforce, you can forecast sales and revenue. Managers can plan accordingly for approaching quarters or the sales time frame and expect more deals to close. Furthermore, managers can also enable notifications when there is a modification in the timeline.

There’s also white space analysis that allow managers to focus on their time on prospective analysis by allowing them to identify which products have been sold to which account. In this scenario, we can help build an opportunity depending on the requirement of that account.

Einstein Use Case: Driving Business to Sales

Let us take a look at a simple use case to demonstrate how we can drive business sales through Einstein analytics on Salesforce. We can understand our territory using Salesforce, by which Einstein analytics give you a 360 degree view of your territory, and your Salesforce homepage has all of this including the metrics, the opportunities and the status where you can drill down to reports on specific accounts including detailed insights on products and sales.

Secondly, you get ai powered predictions and recommendations through Einstein analytics. It will always provide you recommendations on your next moves such as what products to offer and you can have a view of these predicted actions simply by a click and which will allow you to take you forward.

We can also prioritize leads through AI. Using ai in Einstein analytics can help you decide what leads to focus on and take action. Einstein can provide you with a score for all your leads by analysing them and their likelihood to convert to sales, which is a very robust point in Salesforce. You can take action on any of these leads such as recommending or adding them to a marketing campaign.

Tableau as a visualization tool

Einstein analytics and Tableau falls under the BI landscape of Salesforce. Tableau allows you to explore and analyse big data which can transfer information into insights through visualizations. With Tableau, you can tell powerful stories about your data by drilling down to reports to look at the underlying level of data, view trends across years, and even analyse the outlier in your data answering all the questions by providing a deeper understanding into your data.

The use of Tableau empowers companies to take advantage of the information over their whole business by discovering and exploring deeper insights to make smarter decisions and accelerate development.

Complimenting Einstein Analytics with Tableau:

Tableau can complement Einstein analytics on Salesforce. By which you have Tableau prep builder, where you can perform activities such as data cleansing, automating workflows, and writing to external databases. Additionally, we can also connect to external data sources such as Microsoft SQL server or Oracle database. We can even perform on data modelling and advanced predictive functions on Tableau using R and Python. Finally, we can also develop advanced visualizations such as animations to view trends over a period. These are all beneficial in using and complementing Einstein analytics on Salesforce.



Idea and Conceptualization: Mohamed Roshan
Execution: Firdous Maqbool, Leo Mathew
Voice Over: Darren Edward