Top 6 Benefits of Social Media Listening

Top 6 Benefits of Social Media Listening plus Top 6 Tools to Aid You

The influence of social media over people, politics, business, education, careers, innovation etc., is undeniable. And companies have realised that they can use social media responses to produce insights, amplify demands, and develop specialised product solutions to build revenue. They can easily connect with customers and bring innovation and product improvement based on their feedback. But how can it be done? The answer is through Social Media Listening.
19 Dec 2022
Sumi S

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    What is Social Media Listening?

    Social media listening is the practice of constantly scanning social media channels for comments and feedback regarding your brand, product, and services and using that data to take appropriate action. Searching for specific terms and subjects related to a business or sector and competitor remarks is a common aspect of social listening.

    Two processes were engaged in social media listening: monitoring and action. Both processes analyse online interactions and conversations and act on the results. Social media listening becomes effective only when a concrete action follows information collection.

    Including social media listening in your overall social media strategy has many advantages. Major benefits are:

    1. Increased Customer Engagement

    One of the main advantages of social media listening is the ability to monitor social media users’ conversations about your business or brand, whether they specifically mention you in the chat. This allows you to directly answer queries or comments or write posts dealing with recurring issues or questions. When businesses try to communicate with their customers, it fosters trust, boosts engagement, and strengthens brand loyalty.

    Follow-up action is a vital component of social media listening. One fantastic start approach is leveraging the information you gather to develop a social media plan that responds to frequent comments or directly engages your audience.

    2. Opportunities to Observe and Monitor Trends

    You can gain a broad understanding of people’s opinions about your company and its sector through social media listening, enabling you to identify emerging trends or hot topics. This is very helpful for social media purposes and your research and design department and public relations team to explore potential partnerships or new avenues for your brand, depending on your product or service.

    3. Conflict Resolution

    For business, crises might happen at any time. In that case, customer reactions will be crucial to resolving the issue effectively. Social media listening can assist you in keeping track of client mood and guiding your decision-making if your business experiences a customer fallout or crisis. Assessing the actual responses of your customers can help you to move forward. Proper social media listening and subsequent action based on that can directly impact the development of your business.

    4. Monitoring the Competition

    You can follow the discussions involving your competitor by using keywords. This can assist you in locating any weaknesses in their business strategies or products that you can later exploit. Similarly, you can use this information to strengthen your brand in areas where you believe they are stronger than you.

    5. Leveraging Influencers to Promote Marketing

    With social listening, you can locate influencers who are already talking about your company and influencing your customers. Similarly, if influencers disparage your company, you can connect with them and see if there are any chances to change their opinions. You can also monitor their concerns and work to improve on suggestions. It’s crucial to take these creators’ comments seriously because they have sizable fan bases that can impact the thoughts of millions of consumers.

    6. Tracking Events

    Social listening will be beneficial to better understand how participants feel before, during, and after an event. Utilise social listening to learn about your participants’ experiences and identify areas where the event may be improved or continued. This is particularly useful because it enables you to deal with potential roadblocks as they arise or keep doing what’s working.

    List of Social Media Listening Tools

    You can use various social listening tools to communicate information, raise brand awareness, provide service and support, and more. Let’s discuss a few such tools:

    1. Hootsuite

    Hootsuite allows you to create social media streams that keep an eye on conversations, hashtags, mentions, and keywords. Instead of signing in and out of numerous social platforms, you may monitor conversations and comments directly from your social media dashboard. By keeping an eye on the competition, networking with influencers on social media, and identifying prospective brand champions, Hootsuite lets you stay on top of developments in your sector.

    2. Adview

    Adview is used exclusively for social listening on Facebook and Instagram ads. It can monitor up to three Facebook Ad Accounts across unlimited pages. Using Adview, you can respond to comments on all of your Facebook and Instagram advertising from one location. Furthermore, you receive data on the ads receiving the most comments so that you may adjust your campaigns accordingly.

    3. Talkwalker

    Talkwalker provides powerful social listening software features that monitor blogs, forums, videos, news websites, reviews, and social networks in one dashboard. Advanced filters enable you to segregate your data so that you may concentrate on the messages and audience that are most important to you. You may also set up alerts to inform you of any mentions or keyword usage increases. With Talkwalker, it’s simple to keep an eye on conversations involving your brand and analyse their mood, engagement, reach, and comments.

    4. Synthesio

    Synthesio monitors talks on incredibly niche subjects in carefully selected communities. You may segment your social listening data using various criteria, including language, geography, demographics, sentiment, gender, and more. A valid social reputation score is also included in the reports to see how you compare to your rivals.

    5. Mentionlytics

    Mentionlytics tracks mentions, keywords, and sentiment across several languages on blogs, news websites, and social media platforms. Additionally, it makes it easy to locate influencers across social media platforms and other internet sources. You can quickly monitor terms in several languages, keep track of your top influencers, and even identify the sentiment behind each mention.

    6. Brand 24

    Brand 24 uses automated sentimental analysis to separate positive, negative, and neutral mentions by monitoring online reviews, mentions on social media, blogs, message boards, news websites etc. It helps to find out about your online mentions, boost client happiness, and increase lead generation for your company.

    Final Words

    It is high time for companies to get out of their bubbles and accept the masses’ opinions, remarks, compliments, complaints, and inquiries on social media. In all sense, social media listening has excellent benefits and tools that can guide you in building your market presence by paying heed to social media.

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