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Tableau with AWS: Business Intelligence and Data Analysis of a Higher Order

When you use Tableau on Amazon Web Services (AWS), you unlock a plethora of advantages that outshine traditional on-premises infrastructure.
11 Apr 2023

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    The cloud-based approach delivers:

    1. Better performance
    2. More flexibility
    3. Enhanced cost savings
    4. Improved security
    5. Facilitates excellent teamwork opportunities

    Specifically, Tableau on AWS lets you process data more quickly and scale up or down resources as needed. Plus, you can access a range of AWS services to optimise your Tableau setup. AWS also provides tools to help you save money and a secure environment to protect against cyber threats and data breaches. Ultimately, Tableau on AWS enables teams to collaborate more efficiently, taking their data analysis and business intelligence to the next level.

    There are several other benefits to using Tableau on AWS beyond scalability, cost, and security. Here are some additional insights:

    1. Faster Deployment: With Tableau on AWS, you can deploy new instances of Tableau in minutes rather than days or weeks as you would with on-premises infrastructure. This is because AWS has pre-configured templates for Tableau that make it easy to spin up new instances quickly.

    2. Better Performance: Tableau on AWS is designed to exploit AWS’s high-performance infrastructure. Tableau runs faster and more efficiently on AWS than on traditional on-premises infrastructure.

    3. Integration with Other AWS Services: Tableau on AWS integrates seamlessly with other AWS services, such as Amazon S3 for data storage, Amazon Redshift for data warehousing, and Amazon EMR for big data processing. This makes building a complete analytics solution easier by using Tableau and other AWS services.

    4. Improved Disaster Recovery: With Tableau on AWS, disaster recovery is built. AWS provides automated backup and recovery services to quickly recover your Tableau environment and data if there is a disaster or outage.

    5. Global Reach: AWS has data centres worldwide, meaning you can deploy Tableau in the region closest to your users for better performance. This is especially important for organisations with a global presence.

    Overall, Tableau on AWS offers several advantages over on-premises infrastructure. By leveraging AWS’s scalability, cost-effectiveness, and security, organisations can run Tableau more efficiently and with better performance. Additionally, AWS’s integration with other services and global reach make it an attractive option for organisations looking to build a comprehensive analytics solution.

    Tableau Server on AWS deployment options

    The following list outlines the available options for deploying Tableau Server on AWS:

    1. Self-Deployment on EC2 Instance: This option involves users provisioning and configuring an EC2 instance and deploying Tableau Server. This provides the most significant control over the deployment process and can be customised to specific needs. However, it also requires more expertise and effort from the user.

    2. Quick Start Deployment: The Tableau Server on AWS Quick Start provides an automated deployment process using AWS CloudFormation templates. This simplifies the deployment process and ensures that best practices are followed. However, it may be less customisable than self-deployment.

    3. AWS Marketplace Deployment: Tableau Server is also available on the AWS Marketplace with pre-built AWS CloudFormation templates. This provides a quick and easy way to deploy Tableau Server, with different pricing and instance options public. However, users may have less control over the deployment process than over self-deployment.

    Users should evaluate their specific needs and expertise when selecting a deployment option. Self-deployment provides the most significant control and customisation, while Quick Start and AWS Marketplace deployment offer simplified and quick deployment options.