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Strengthening Cloud Security: Exploring New Capabilities in AWS Security

Cloud security is a top priority for businesses and organisations as they embrace the flexibility and scalability that cloud computing offers. As a leading cloud provider, Amazon Web Services (AWS) continuously innovates and enhances its security offerings to meet the ever-evolving challenges of cloud security. In this blog, we will delve into the latest updates and capabilities in AWS security, empowering users to fortify their cloud environments and safeguard their critical data.
1 Aug 2023
Sumi S

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    AWS Network Firewall Expansion

    AWS Network Firewall, a managed firewall service, now expands its availability to four additional AWS Regions. This expansion ensures that organisations worldwide can benefit from the advanced network protection it provides. With AWS Network Firewall, users can effortlessly enforce network security rules and gain granular control over traffic flow. This enhanced capability fortifies the first line of defence, safeguarding against potential threats and attacks.

    Enhanced Management with AWS Security Hub and AWS CloudFormation

    AWS Security Hub announces a significant improvement in management capabilities by integrating with AWS CloudFormation. This powerful integration simplifies managing security and compliance resources across the AWS infrastructure. Now, organisations can automate the deployment and configuration of security standards using Infrastructure as Code (IaC) principles, ensuring consistent and secure cloud environments across their operations.

    AWS Control Tower Integration

    The general availability of AWS Control Tower’s integration with Security Hub marks a crucial milestone in maintaining control and compliance over AWS accounts. AWS Control Tower streamlines setting up a well-architected and compliant multi-account environment. With Security Hub integration, administrators gain enhanced visibility and control over security findings, enabling enforcement of centralised governance and security best practices.

    You can now activate more than 170 Security Hub detective controls, aligning them with corresponding control objectives from AWS Control Tower. Notably, AWS Control Tower can now detect when a control is disabled in Security Hub, indicating a ‘Drifted’ control state. This new drift detection capability simplifies the monitoring of control deployment status, enabling you to promptly manage the security posture of your AWS Control Tower environment by taking necessary actions.

    Amazon Inspector Code Scans for AWS Lambda Function

    Ensuring secure serverless applications are now more accessible with the general availability of Code Scans for AWS Lambda functions. Amazon Inspector Console, a robust security assessment service, now offers code-level security assessments for Lambda functions, identifying vulnerabilities and potential security risks. This capability empowers developers to take proactive measures to strengthen the security posture of their serverless applications.

    Amazon Verified Permissions

    With the introduction of Amazon Verified Permissions, AWS simplifies the permissions management process for cloud resources. Organisations can streamline security audits and compliance checks, saving time and effort. This capability provides an extra layer of confidence, ensuring that only authorised users can access and modify critical resources.

    Utilise your current identity provider, responsible for managing users and groups, to effectively manage application permissions and control access. With this integrated authentication and authorisation solution, applications utilising Amazon Cognito now benefit from seamless policy validation based on attributes in Amazon Cognito while also being able to authorise requests using Amazon Cognito tokens.

    AWS Security Hub Automation Rules

    AWS Security Hub Automation Rules introduce a game-changing capability for proactive incident response. Users can now define automated actions responding to security events, enabling faster and more efficient incident resolution. This empowers organisations to respond swiftly to potential security threats and minimise the impact of security incidents.

    AWS Global Partner Security Initiative

    Security is a shared responsibility, and AWS takes a collaborative approach to empower its users and partners in fortifying their cloud security. The AWS Global Partner Security Initiative provides valuable insights, resources, and tools to help partners enhance their security offerings and better protect their customers’ data. This initiative fosters a more robust security ecosystem and builds trust among AWS users worldwide.

    AWS continues to demonstrate its commitment to cloud security with these latest capabilities. As organisations navigate an ever-changing threat landscape, the robustness of AWS security offerings ensures that cloud environments remain fortified and data remains secure. By leveraging these new features and capabilities, users can confidently embrace the cloud’s potential without compromising security.

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