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Beinex Opens its Corporate Office in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Beinex opening its office in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a logical step for the enterprise as it has had a solid footprint in Saudi Arabia, the wonderland of business boom and opportunities for the past many years.
4 Jan 2023

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    In the last few years, the KSA market has witnessed a definitive shift to self-service consumption tools anchored in data democratization. The transition is of paramount importance for products that can scale at an enterprise level, AI-ML products, and those that can address data governance and quality management issues.

    The shift is also significant for enterprise transformation catalysts that take an ecosystem approach with proven expertise in developing and executing comprehensive and unified data strategies, data engineering and data governance paradigms.

    Thus the time is ripe for an innovation-led, experience-driven enterprise like Beinex to spearhead Digital and Analytics Transformations in KSA.

    “Beinex is pleased to formalize its presence in the KSA market by opening an Office in Riyadh. We, as an enterprise, are 100% aligned with Vision 2030 as put forth by the KSA and see tremendous value getting unlocked as the vision is realized. We look forward to expanding our footprint in the domains of Artificial Intelligence, Sustainability, Digital Transformation, Analytics and allied areas. The Kingdom envisions itself to be at the forefront of data and artificial intelligence-based economies, and Beinex is committed to playing its part in supporting and fulfilling this vision,”

    -Indumon Das, Founder and Managing Director of Beinex,
    marking the occasion of the office’s opening, noted.

    Middle East Banking AI & Analytics Summit

    Beinex is super excited to be a part of the 6th Middle East Banking AI & Analytics Summit on May 10, 2023. With the motto, “Accelerating Innovation in Banking with AI and Analytics Strategies”, the summit aims to revolutionise the financial and banking space in KSA using AI. We are ready to witness and participate in panel discussions, fireside chats, keynote presentations, roundtable discussions, and conversational Q&A sessions with thought leaders on exploiting the Power of AI and Analytics for a futuristic banking ecosystem.

    Middle East Enterprise AI & Analytics Summit

    Also, we are enthusiastic to participate in the Middle East Enterprise Al and Analytics Summit on May 11, 2023. Its vision is to curate a world-class platform for tech leaders in the region to connect, communicate and collaborate under the theme “Accelerating Innovation in Enterprises with Applied Al and Analytics Strategies”. Beinex is looking forward to connecting with thought leaders and high-level decision-makers in Al, and Data Analytics at #MEEAI 2023 to participate in discussions and to be a part of the transformation journey.

    The Power of Beinex

    Beinex drives a cohesive, unified digital ecosystem to help customers address their needs, assess products and operations, understand market requirements and evaluate overall business performance.

    It is a multinational firm exploring the endless possibilities of data for Cloud, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Automation. In effect, Beinex architects, guides, leads, and implements solutions in Analytics, AI, and ML for the spheres of Digital Transformation, GRC, and Risk & Audit Transformation.

    Partnerships make Beinex stronger. The company has solid partnerships with some of the leading technology firms, research labs, and universities around the globe. Businesses can leverage the power of the Beinex partner ecosystem to maximize the value of their end-to-end analytics journey.

    Beinex Digital, a part of Beinex Holdings, is a digital transformation entity with a comprehensive suite of independent products focused on addressing specific business gaps, use cases, and needs. It incorporates a spectrum of solutions in the domains of Employee Health, Safety and Environment, Enterprise Product Management and Enterprise Performance Management.

    Beinex is also the product champion for Aurex – Augmented Risk and Audit Analytics – a unique single-platform solution for Integrated Risk Management, Governance, Audit, Compliance, BCM, and Analytics functions. It is the first-of-its-kind product that streamlines risk and audit verticals for enterprises worldwide and is a Unified Digital Assurance Ecosystem.

    Present in three continents, Beinex enables its clients to analyze data, mitigate risks, identify opportunities and automate processes.

    Beinex Office Address (KSA):

    Beinex Advanced Information Technology
    3141, Anas Bin Malik,
    8292 Al Malqa Dist
    P. O. Box 13521,
    Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia