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Are you concerned about the ever-evolving threats to your organisation's security? Do you believe it's time to embrace a transformative security model that puts identity and trustworthiness at the forefront? If so, then watch our on-demand webinar on Unveiling Zero Trust: Securing Your AWS Hosted Applications!

AWS Zero Trust Strategy

Under AWS Zero Trust, access to resources and data is granted based on strong identity verification, context-aware policies, and a "least privilege" principle, meaning users are only given the minimum necessary access required to perform their tasks. It strongly emphasises continuous monitoring, real-time threat detection, and dynamic access controls.

AWS provides a range of security services and features that can be leveraged to implement the Zero Trust approach effectively, ensuring that only authorised entities gain access to AWS resources while maintaining high security and compliance.

What is Zero Trust

Zero Trust is a security model that assumes that no part of a network can be inherently trusted, whether internal or external. Instead of relying on traditional security measures that assume everything inside the network is safe, AWS Zero Trust takes a more cautious and proactive approach to security.

What do You Gain

Understanding Zero Trust:

Learn about the foundational concept of Zero Trust, which revolves around the notion that data access should not solely depend on network location. Discover how this model demands strong identity verification and fine-grained authorisation rules for users and systems.

Guarding your Data:

Understand how zero trust ensures data access is granted based on strong identity verification and authorisation rules rather than relying solely on the network location. This prevents unauthorised access and secures data even in complex and dynamic network environments.

Decoding Cloud Security:

Discover how Zero Trust provides a more robust and adaptive security approach, enabling organisations to secure their cloud resources effectively and maintain control over access, regardless of the location of users or devices.

Unleashing Zero Trust: The AWS Way:

By leveraging AWS's comprehensive suite of security services and features, customers can implement Zero Trust principles to fortify their cloud environments. This ensures that only authorised entities gain access to AWS resources, enhancing security posture while benefiting from the scalability and flexibility of cloud computing.

Enabling Secure Cloud Environments: Our Consultation Services:

Beinex offers expert guidance and consultation to organisations seeking to implement Zero Trust in their cloud environments. Our consultation services help businesses understand Zero Trust's best practices, assess their security needs, and design tailor-made solutions that align with their unique requirements.

AWS + Beinex Partnership: What We Offer

Beinex is an AWS consulting partner, and we empower customers to host their BI solutions and much more on the cloud. Our cloud migration experts bring in best-in-class stability and reliability by understanding your business strategy and working closely with you to deploy AWS infrastructure as a service.

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