Tableau Prep Virtual Test Drive | What is the significance of data?

Data not prepped is no data. As simple as that! What is the significance of data if you cannot use that data? Here comes the importance of prepping or preparing your data for analysis. Tableau Prep Builder enables you to get data ready for analytical purposes. And Tableau Prep Conductor empowers you to govern and schedule data flows. Get a deep understanding of both remarkable tools at this on-demand webinar.

Tableau has revolutionised data visualisation. Let the evolution behind it spark a change at your end too! Experience a threshold jump in the way you and your organisation use and interact with data.

Problems addressed at the session:

  • Data being stored in disparate systems.
  • Issues with data consistency
  • Data having varied structures
  • Data aggregation disparity
  • Human errors

System prerequisite: Get Tableau Prep or the 14-day trial version installed to follow along and participate to the fullest in this session.

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