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Tableau Embedded Analytics facilitates real-time access to data, enabling reporting, visualisation, exploration, searches, and advanced data analysis, all through a user-friendly interface. Learn what it is, how it works and how you can use it.
Watch our on-demand webinar, “Tableau Analytics Meets Public Sector Open Data"

If the Concept is Something You’re Familiar With

The Webinar would let you enhance the open data paradigm and data visualisation and analytics models that you have already adopted. Yes, explore the process of integrating data analytics into an open data portal in a new light and learn from the experts the intricacies of the topic distilled and condensed, ready to be used when you want it.

Open Data and Embedded Analytics

Open data refers to the concept of making certain types of data freely available to the public without restrictions on its use, reuse, or redistribution. It involves providing access to data sets held by governments, organisations, or individuals in a format that can be easily understood and manipulated.

Embedded analytics refers to the integration of data analysis and reporting capabilities directly into software applications or systems that people use. It involves the seamless integration of analytical tools, such as charts, graphs, and dashboards, within an existing application or platform.

What is Really in it For You?

Beinex has conducted two Open Data projects at the Public Sector level using Tableau Embedded Analytics.

  1. For a prominent statistics centre in the Middle East
  2. For a premier health agency in the Middle East
The Case Studies for both these Projects will be dealt with in detail at the Webinar, including the questions of what, why and how.

Webinar Highlights

Introduction to Tableau Embedded Analytics

Simplify the user experience by unlocking the power of Tableau for intricate data analysis. Imagine real-time disease outbreak tracking on interactive dashboards!

Integrating Embedded Analytics with Open Data

Leverage Tableau's visual and analytical features to create interactive and insightful data visualisations, presenting trends and patterns within open data. Think dynamic charts showing public transportation usage trends!

Insights into Tableau Embedded Analytics Implementation

Learn tips and techniques to ensure seamless data integration and generate corresponding visualisations.

Beinex + Tableau Partnership

With our partnership with Tableau, Beinex enables our customers to integrate customised analytics and dashboarding solutions quickly and cost-effectively to manage enterprise risks, improve profit and drive smarter decision-making.

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