Tableau + Alteryx for Procurement - Beinex

With Alteryx and Tableau duo, analysing and displaying data is an efficiency scale-up. This on-demand webinar focuses on Alteryx workflow for the procurement use case, and how Tableau dashboards showcase results from workflow can be pretty insightful.

Watch our on-demand webinar and discover how the Tableau-Alteryx duo can remove data analysis and visualisation barriers. Alteryx provides an efficient way to prep, blend, analyse, and interpret data using no-code, low-code analytic building blocks, while Tableau's stunning dashboards help users understand the data better.

In this on-demand webinar, we will be mainly focusing on a walk-through of the P2P process, and the session includes:

1. Alteryx workflow for the procurement use case
2. Tableau dashboards to showcase results from workflow

The Summary dashboard includes the sections PR, RFQ, PO, Invoice and Payment. For each section, the below information is displayed:
• Total count and year-over-year change
• Total amount and year-over-year change
• Monthly trend
• Avg Time taken
• Total count by status

The P2P cycle dashboard includes the following KPIs:
• Timeline flow
• Details of PRs at different stages

With our partnership with Tableau and Alteryx, Beinex can help you manage enterprise risks, improve profit, and drive smarter decision-making through customised analytics and dashboarding solutions that are cost-effective and deliver faster and better business outcomes.

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