Strategic Expansion & Planning of Healthcare Facilities Using Analytics

With the pandemic on, healthcare facilities globally are stretched to the limit. Strategically expanding the healthcare facilities is critical for business, clinical, and patient outcomes.

Utilising healthcare analytics is as important as giving healthcare services for apparent reasons. The rapid changes unleashed by the pandemic have given rise to an unprecedented data deluge. Decision-makers increasingly demand high-quality data-driven insights to move in lockstep with the breath-taking pace of change. It is high time that healthcare analytics be accorded the prime status to scale up effectiveness and efficiency throughout the care cycle and save and protect lives.

So, how do we get more from the existing pool of resources? And how do we plan for facility expansion at hospitals in these testing times? The answer lies in leveraging data to expand the existing hospital facilities strategically. This is how the healthcare needs of the growing patient population would be catered to without compromising on quality by any means.

The Beinex on-demand webinar on the topic shall address:

  • Business, clinical, and patient outcomes and why strategically expanding healthcare facilities is critical for these outcomes.
  • Identifying the best locations for new healthcare facilities by tapping into analytics.
  • How your entire enterprise will be transformed by the business value advanced analytics brings to you.

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