Alteryx + Tableau for Beginners | On-Demand Webinar

Beginning matters! We have exclusively moulded this webinar for those ready to take their first steps towards Alteryx and Tableau. So here we are, prepared to support you!

The powerful duo, Alteryx and Tableau, complement each other; when Tableau works for data visualisation systems, Alteryx works for data cleansing. To take the best business decisions, we have to use both. Alteryx extracts, transforms and loads massive piles of data from various resources, while Tableau’s drag and drop functionality creates interactive graphs and charts that tell data stories.

Getting started with these two tools is super easy, and the webinar will prep you for it. This webinar gives information on how Alteryx:
  • Reduces time spent on routine data preparation from months to minutes for data consumption in all formats — Tableau, spreadsheets, databases, analytic apps, etc.
  • Creates advanced predictive and spatial analytical models quickly to increase the impact of business-critical insights
  • Instantly outputs to and updates Tableau workbooks to keep your analytics up to date regardless of data changes.
  • Carries out advanced blending acoss numerous, large, and diverse data sources — both cloud and on-premises — and introduces predictive and statistical analysis to your visualisations — all without coding

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