How Mywhoosh Standardized Collaborative Workflow Creation by Implementing the “Alteryx Server” Platform on AWS that Paved the Way for 20% Better Business Predictions - Beinex

How Mywhoosh Standardized Collaborative Workflow Creation by Implementing the “Alteryx Server” Platform on AWS that Paved the Way for 20% Better Business Predictions

About Alteryx Server

Alteryx Server gives organizations the ability to access, manipulate, analyze, and output data. The Alteryx Designer product allows people to build workflows that step through complex processes logically. Some workflows are performed once to answer a question; some are performed many times to automate processes like reconciliations. Other workflows are built to refresh complex dashboards built with Alteryx, Power BI, or other platforms

12 Jul 2022

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    Once a workflow is built, users want to share, secure, schedule, and monitor the assets that have been built. Alteryx Server allows users to publish their workflows to a central location where the workflows can be stored, shared, and controlled in a safe and “enterprise-grade” solution.

    • The IT infrastructure of MyWhoosh where the Alteryx Server platform was hosted was in an on-premise datacenter which was designed to be scalable and robust with multi node physical clusters including the server, storage and network components. However, most of the physical hardware was quite old and not equipped with the latest generation of physical servers.
    • Frequent hardware crashes and portal downtime kept troubling the availability of the Alteryx Server application. Assigning a touch hand support person to power on the hardware that was down seemed quite impossible due the restrictions during covid period. Hence, MyWhoosh wanted to look for another viable solution.
    • Though the hardware setup at MyWhoosh was well equipped to meet the occasional spikes in the traffic, it was observed that over a course of 6-month time, most of the IT infra was underutilized than predicted. It was realized that spending huge amount of money on an old hardware plus software maintenance, license costs, internet bandwidth, datacenter cooling and maintenance, touch support personnel and electricity costs – were keeping the business operations challenging.
    • There was an attempt by MyWhoosh to select a cost-effective solution that can host Alteryx Server application servers, web servers and archival data. This way IT infra can be re-provisioned to host sensitive data on-premise and the rest on the cloud, thereby reducing the overall physical hardware costs spent on a yearly basis.
    Why AWS
    • MyWhoosh decided to migrate Alteryx Server, database servers and archival data to AWS.
    • The Alteryx Server’s AWS architecture includes Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), that provides complete control of its computing resources, updates to tables in Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) and AWS Elastic Load Balancer was used to distribute the traffic to the underlying EC2 instances based on the load.
    • MyWhoosh uses AWS services to provision infrastructure and deploy the Alteryx Server platform to other departments within it. In addition, the Alteryx Server resources that are no longer required to be run all the time are made to auto shutdown thus saving cost. MyWhoosh reported a 30% cost reduction after implementation of AWS for the Alteryx Server platform.
    • The implementation of Alteryx Server on AWS made MyWhoosh confident in the security of its data, and its accreditation team is enthusiastic about the monitoring and auditing capabilities provided by AWS tools. With the implementation of IAM roles, MyWhoosh IT team was able to isolate systems and tightly control user accesses. These capabilities were harder to achieve within the existing infra but were available out of the box with AWS
    • By adopting AWS to host the Alteryx Server platform, MyWhoosh has been able to innovate and experiment to a degree previously impossible. For example, MyWhoosh compared the performance and cost-effectiveness of three different cloud solutions. Without moving to the AWS, the costs associated with running an outdated on-premise hardware would have creeped up and the alternative way of upgrading the existing on-prem infrastructure to the latest hardware models and then hosting the Alteryx Server application on top of it would have taken months.