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It is best for start-ups to have a CRM as it relieves stress by compiling, organising and synchronising data. One can fine-tune their marketing, sales and financial strategies and automate many major tasks by providing accurate reports. CRM is a lifesaver as it tracks trends and helps to change the plans accordingly and increases productivity. Through the Salesforce platform, it is possible to connect to one’s customers and build a meaningful bond with them.

A survey conducted by Salesforce found an increase in sales by 29%, and productivity by 34% for the businesses that switched to CRM. This webinar digs deep into finding solutions to leverage the growth of your customer interactions.

In this webinar, we will cover this and more:

Connecting your tools & systems on to one platform with a complete view of your business and a single view of your customer.
How to find more customers, win more deals and keep customers happy 
Introduction to App Exchange: Extend Salesforce with thousands of solutions installed in just a few clicks.


Agenda as it unfurls in GST terms:
11.00 AM GST Introduction
11.10 AM GST Current state of SMEs  
11.15 AM GST Brief overview of Salesforce 
11.20 AM GST Use Case: How a leading SME used Salesforce to its advantage
11.45 - 11.55 AM GST Q&A plus conclusion 



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