Open Data Portal for A Premier Health Authority in the Middle East

The client was able to disseminate the data in the form of dashboards for end users for around 500+ KPIs
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A leading health authority in the Middle East came out with an open data portal to inform the public of the healthcare sector of the country at a micro and macro level. The objective of the portal was to provide greater information to the public on healthcare aspects and create participative healthcare policies.

Requirement Requirement


The client originally wanted to showcase data across different metrics of healthcare like demographics, hospitals, clinics, health care professionals etc. on a public portal for the users. But the team did not have a mechanism to show this data visually and the data dissemination was happening via static excel sheets scattered across the portal. The public’s feedback was not positive, as they were finding it difficult to locate the data on the portal.

Challenges Challenges


  • Multiple data sources for different KPIs
  • Different data structure of the data sources
  • Current client process was manual and therefore prone to errors
  • Data dissemination was happening via static excel sheets
  • No visual tools to view data
Process Process


The process involved creating data using ETL process on SSIS followed by data visualisation using Tableau Desktop.

Since all the metrics used by the client were coming from different data sources, the data had to first be prepared, i.e., it had to be compiled together, cleaned, and transformed in such a way that insightful visualisations could be created out of the data. SQL was used to perform this data preparation, and the visualisations were created in Tableau Desktop.

Additionally, the SQL scripts created for the process for data creation reduced the duration from almost a full month cycle to a few days’ cycle.

Now that the relevant data had been generated, this had to be shown in the form of captivating charts and indicators. This task was handled by Tableau Desktop.

Result Result


  • Interactive dashboards that allow self-service analytics for the user
  • Streamlined data that can be analysed with ease
  • After deployment of the dashboards to the portal the client saw an increase in the overall NPS by 60%
  • Website traffic saw a whooping increase of almost 5 times compared to the previous levels
  • Key Key

    Key Takeaway

    The client was able to disseminate the data in the form of dashboards for end users for around 500+ KPIs

    Client Client Requirement Requirement Challenges Challenges Process Process Result Result Key Takeaway Key Takeaway