Tableau Desktop Accelerated Course

Training Date: August  06,  2024

Course Description

Beinex’s Tableau Desktop Accelerated Course is an intensive program that expedites your mastery of Tableau's powerful data visualisation and analytics capabilities.

Course Summary

Course Type


Course Duration

2 days (Onsite) / 16 hours (Virtual)


Tableau Desktop I


Client premises/virtual room


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Classroom training with hands-on activities, PDF copy of training material

Tableau Intermediate Course Curriculum

Following the training, you will have gained the expertise to:

  • Apply advanced calculations to gain additional insight into your data
  • Incorporate advanced chart types into your analysis 
  • Apply advanced dashboarding techniques
  • Use calculations, parameters, and table calculations in tandem 
  • Use Tableau techniques to address common business use cases 
  • Format your visualisations and dashboards for maximum impact
  • Explore real-world business scenario examples

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