Alteryx Intermediate Training

Training Date: July  23,  2024

Course Description

Alteryx’s intermediate-level training course provided by Beinex is designed to expand your knowledge and skills in Alteryx. Participants will delve deeper into advanced data preparation, blending techniques, and analytics using Alteryx. The course will include hands-on exercises and real-world examples to enhance your proficiency with Alteryx.

Course Summary

Course Type

Alteryx Advanced Training

Course Duration

2 days (Onsite) / 16 hours (Virtual)


Client premises/virtual room


Alteryx Fundamentals & Intermediate


Classroom training with hands-on activities


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Course Outline

The course comprises:

  • Advanced ETL functions 
  • Fuzzy lookup
  • Data parsing – cleaning unstructured data to structured format
  • Understanding and changing data types​ 
  • Interface tools
  • Documentation​ 
  • Introduction to reporting in Alteryx
  • Understanding reporting snippets​ 
  • Outputting a report to PDF ​ 
  • Interactive dashboards​ 
  • Introduction to macros​ 
  • Standard macro​ 
  • Batch macro 
  • Iterative macro 

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