Key transformation and deliverables:

# Before the boot camp After the boot camp
1 Arriving at decisions, analysing graphs and charts and tables was relatively tough Enhanced decision-making capabilities get a fillip and a boost
2 Driving business actions was fraught with challenges Ability to address and navigate the challenges in the business arena courtesy of clarity
3 Limited knowledge of Visual Analytics best practices Advanced eye-for-detail capability opened up
4 Storytelling was a challenge in many ways The sharpened storytelling skill is now a part of your visual analytics skill-stack: tips and techniques come to the rescue.

We have designed this program based on the experience of having delivered hundreds of production quality real-world visual analytics projects.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

Apply advanced calculations to gain additional insight into your data
Incorporate advanced chart types into your analysis
Apply advanced dashboarding techniques
Use calculations, parameters, and table calculations in tandem
Use Tableau techniques to address common business use cases
Format your visualizations and dashboards for maximum impact
Explore real world business scenario examples