IAA, Beinex Collaborative Course: Audit Analytics Using Tableau – Fundamentals - Beinex

Course Objective

Attending the training will enable the learners to:

Use Tableau for Audit Analytics
Apply Tableau at different audit phases
Implement Tableau for audit analytics and Continuous Monitoring
Visualize data to gather deeper insights

Who Should Attend this Course

This course benefits the following set of professionals:

IT Auditors
Internal Auditors
Audit Analysts

Course Summary

Course Type: Fundamentals
Course Duration: 2 days/ 14 hrs. (9.00 AM to 4.00 PM)
Pre-requisites: Systems with Tableau Desktop license pre-installed.
Includes: Classroom training with hands-on activities
Location: Virtual Room/Onsite

Course Expectation

By the end of the training, you will be able to:

Use data analytics in different audit phases:
Implement Tableau for Continuous Monitoring
Perform data quality checks for large volumes of data
Use sampling techniques to pick the best samples
Identify outliers and perform exploratory analysis
Validate correlation between variables
Formulate Hypothesis tests and validate it using Tableau
Visualize data to gather deeper insights
Convey results using strong visualizations
Set up Tableau system for Audit Management
Understand the use of data analytics in:
    Use case 1: HR Audit
    Use case 2: Procurement Audit
    Use case 3: Finance Audit
Publishing Sharing & access control in Tableau
Snap-shot View of the Course
# Item Particulars
1 CPE credits 14
2 Course level Foundation
3 Duration 2 days
4 Language English
5 Member fees 1500 USD
6 Non-member fees 1800 USD
7 Course start date May 10, 2023
8 Course end date May 11, 2023
9 Time 9.00 AM to 4.00 PM GST
10 Venue 506, BB01, Bay Square,
Business Bay,
P. O. Box 82940,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Beinex Consulting

506, BB01, Bay Square, Business Bay, P. O. Box 82940, Dubai, United Arab Emirates