Tax Filing Made Easy with Alteryx On-Demand Webinar - Beinex

Achieve applied decision-making and strategic forecasting by adapting your tax analytics with the Alteryx Platform. Quickly identify the drivers of effective tax rates plus disparities between statutory and rates, including correlation analyses with Alteryx.

Watch this on-demand webinar to discover how Alteryx can be leveraged for tax and how Alteryx helps file tax by significantly reducing the manual time and effort. Using effective tax rate calculations, automated auditing of invoices used for VAT filing, duplicate entry identification, anomaly detection, automated error handling, and reading invoices from a large pool of source datasets.
Explore the possibilities of Alteryx in Tax filing procedures with this webinar.


  • Welcome and Introduction.
  • Current Scenario within Tax Filing organizations
  • Introduction to Alteryx
  • Alteryx workflow to address the pain points of Tax filing consultants
  • Key Benefits
  • Q&A

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