If you are new to Snowflake or want to harness the whole gamut of advantages that the platform presents, then this session is for you. So, wait not, register now! Remember, all it takes is less than 45 minutes of your time to rewrite the digital trajectory of your organisation utilising Snowflake.

What you will learn

Traversing the Snowflake UI
Creating a DB and compute resources
Loading data into Snowflake
Running queries on the loaded data
Using cool features, including zero-copy cloning and time travel


11:00 am Introduction to Beinex
11:05 am Snowflake Overview
11:15 am Snowflake Architectural Advantages
11:25 am Snowflake Platform Walkthrough
11:30 am Demo: Connectivity with BI Tools
11:40 am Q&A and Closing Note



Beinex Consulting 216-Unbox, Building 04, Bay Square, Business Bay Dubai, United Arab Emirates