Boost Your Financial Potential: Discover Alteryx's Data Automation Solutions - Beinex

Webinar Details:

Time: 11:00 AM - 11:50 AM GST
Date: 19 DEC 2023
Mode: Online

Who Stands to Benefit:

This webinar is ideal for those seeking to optimise financial workflows and enhance decision-making processes like:

  1. Finance professionals
  2. Management teams
  3. Business owners

Key Takeaways:

  1. Financial Data Prep and Cleaning: Discover how Alteryx streamlines data preparation, ensuring clean and accurate financial data.
  2. Financial Analysis with Alteryx: Explore advanced analytics capabilities that empower data-driven financial insights.
  3. Financial Planning: Learn how to leverage Alteryx for efficient and effective financial planning.


11.00 AM GST Introduction
11.10 AM GST Alteryx Features for Financial Data Prep and Cleaning
11.15 AM GST Accelerating Financial Analysis with Alteryx
11.20 AM GST Enabling Smarter Financial Planning with Alteryx
11.35 AM GST Use Case: How a finance authority in UAE took advantage of Alteryx’s Data Automation
11.50 AM GST Q&A Session- Engage with our experts


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