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Webinar Details

Date: 22 Nov 2023
Time: 11 AM to 11:45AM GST
Mode: Virtual

Why Attend?

Improve Security: Safeguard your data with the robust security measures offered by AWS.

Reduce Costs: Witness how AWS can significantly cut down on your operational costs.

Global Infrastructure: Explore AWS's vast global infrastructure, ensuring reliability and high-performance data management.

Who Stands to Gain

  1. IT Professionals and Administrators
  2. Business Decision Makers
  3. Data and Security Professionals

Webinar Highlights

Understand the Terms: DR, Backup & Migration
Discover how DR, Backups, and Migration. are the cornerstone of a robust data management strategy.

Importance of Disaster Recovery and Backups
Learn why DR and Backups are not just precautions but essential elements for business continuity and data protection.

Benefits of AWS over On-prem and Other Cloud Services
Uncover the unparalleled advantages of AWS, from global infrastructure to cost-effectiveness and heightened security.

Traditional DR & DR on Cloud
Explore the shift from traditional disaster recovery methods to the efficiency and flexibility of cloud-based solutions.

AWS Backup Services
Learn about AWS Backup Services, including AWS Global Infrastructure, Amazon S3, AWS Storage Gateway, and AWS Backup.

AWS Migration Services
Discover seamless migration with AWS services like AWS Database Migration and Application Migration services.

AWS DR Services
Explore the power of AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery, ensuring your data is secure and accessible when needed.

Comparison of CloudEndure Disaster Recovery and AWS DRS
Get insights into two leading disaster recovery solutions.

Use Cases

Find real-world scenarios illustrating successful migrations:

  1. On-premises to AWS
  2. Cloud to AWS
  3. AWS Region to AWS Region


11:00 AM Introduction to Beinex
11.05 AM Understanding DR, Backup & Migration
11.10 AM Benefits of AWS over On-prem and other cloud services
11.15 AM AWS DR, Backup and Migration Services
11.25 AM Comparison of CloudEndure Disaster Recovery and AWS DRS
11.30 AM Deep dive into the Use cases
11.35 AM Demo
11.45 AM Q&A and Conclusion


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