These days, companies depend more and more on Cloud based big Data platforms to gather vast amounts of data and organise them into useful business insights. However, each of those platforms has its series of challenges. For one, they require expensive consultants to set up in contradiction to the claims as to the opposite. Additionally, using them can be time-consuming and difficult. Is there any alternative? Yes, of course.

When compared to other platforms, Alteryx excels in these areas. With a significantly smaller investment, you will receive deeper insights into your entrepreneurial functions, issues and business cycles.

This webinar enables you to discover how Alteryx is different from other platforms in terms of:



Agenda as it unfurls in GST terms:
11.00 AM GST Introduction
11.05 AM GST Overview of Alteryx
11.10 AM GST Competitive Brief: Alteryx vs. Big Data Platforms
11.45 AM GST Q&A
Just devote 55 minutes of your time; it is worth it!



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