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Dynamic highlight bar chart with slicer

Power BI is one of the best BI tools available in the market. If you have used it, you will realise that it is a user-friendly tool which offers drag and drop features and has self service capabilities built into it. We can filter down the data according to the selected category or item using the slicer visual or selecting other visuals. In Power BI, there is an ‘Edit Interaction feature' where you can toggle the filtration of data between cross-highlight, cross- filtering or no interaction between each visual.
28 Apr 2021
But this does not apply to a slicer visual, which only has cross-filtering and no interaction feature. This made me wonder if we can achieve cross-highlight with a slicer visual through some work-around that allows me to compare one category with other easily through cross-highlight. After some research, I may have found a way to do this. Below are the steps in detail to achieve this. Normal filtering of data with slicer: The below example...
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