After two very long masked years, the world has slowly started to breathe, again!

With lockdowns on and work taking place from the very room you had slept a couple of hours back — the human universe has been phenomenally re-engineered by a microscopic organism.

Your geographical location has been made immaterial in the digital world. But the same cannot be said about data, and this may sound paradoxical and ironic. For instance, an MNC’s location of the data now matters more than ever before. With a major chunk of data of many entities, especially government ones, on the public cloud, the airing of concerns related to data security, data sovereignty, data localisation/ data residency is growing louder in decibel terms.

This is where Hyperforce comes in.


Hyperforce is how Salesforce has reimagined its platform. It is now horizontally scalable, and through tie-ups with major cloud providers, the scalability has grown by leaps and bounds. Imagine you are a B2B company with 10,000 customers or a B2C company with tens of millions of customers: Hyperforce lets you scale up your capabilities and provides you with a single source of truth.

But what if you are a multi-geographic business conglomerate in a heavily regulated industry like finance or health? How will you comply with data sovereignty, data localisation/ data residency requirements?

Hyperforce’s collaboration with public cloud companies ensures that the data can be located at any specified place in the world, adhering to the local rules of data governance and storage locations.

“Choose the location where your data will be stored to comply with regulations specific to your company, region, or industry — even in highly regulated industries like the public sector,” the store-data-locally-keep-it-compliant-globally mantra tells.

Other features

Hyperscalable: Hyperforce also enables you to scale the infrastructure as per the needs of the business by letting you access extra computing capacity as and when required. You can employ resources in the public cloud rather quickly. Yes, it is your decision whether to scale up or not, and the elasticity can be dictated by the nature of your requirements.

Hypersecure: Also, trust is built-in, which puts security at the forefront of the architecture. Data privacy and security are sacrosanct. This leaves you with enough room to focus on innovation.

Hypercompatible: And most important of all, backward compatibility ensures that all the extant Salesforce apps, customisations and integrations will continue to work on Hyperforce regardless of cloud.

In the physical world, your geographical location assumes importance. But in the digital world, it is the location of the data that matters. Hyperforce, by virtue of its collaboration with major players in the cloud domain, ensures data residency requirements are adhered to when and where needed.

The architecture is hyper-scalable, secure, and comes with backward compatibility.

Hyperforce is soon to be launched in the UAE, and Beinex, a Salesforce partner, is all set to carry out implementation and consulting of and for Hyperforce.