Snowflake Select Tier Partner Status to Beinex 

Beinex Achieves Snowflake Select Tier Partner Status

Beinex adds one more feather to its cap by achieving Snowflake Select Tier Services Partner status. A coveted position, it enables Beinex to continue to deliver services to its clients leveraging the Snowflake platform much more effectively and efficiently by tapping further into its storage and computing prowess. The upgrade will also empower Beinex to serve its clientele by letting it deliver hyper-personalised customer experiences boosting and bolstering first-party data with precise and predictable third-party data.
12 May 2022
Sumi S

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    Benefits: Enhanced Data Cloud Capabilities

    The partnership will let Beinex turbocharge services on the AI-ML, analytics fronts by utilising storage and compute scalability unlocked by the unique collaboration. It awards Beinex and its clients the capability to flourish in terms of cost leadership, domain leadership and added utilisation of potential in sync with market conditions.

    Data marketplace enhancement

    The partnership also means that acquiring and testing third-party data is now easier which also entails the Snowflake users to imbibe the expanded third-party data into their environment, attach it to their first-party data and evaluate the data efficacy vis-à-vis customer experience along with the impact it can create.

    There is little doubt that the capability is very much in demand as Beinex clients are into delivering powerful customer/ user experience as a part of their service efforts


    • Privacy-safe
    • Secure sharing platform
    • No need to set up extra secure portals to support sharing of Personally Identifiable Information

    UAE data residency requirements are also met thanks to the Snowflake domestic capacity.

    The power of partnership

    Beinex partnership with Snowflake enables it to offer clients advanced features like automated tuning and elastic compute with unlimited decoupled computing capability, along with the analytics modernization services, to help organisations realise exponential Return on Investment. This upgrade in status will take business to the next level for both Beinex and its esteemed client line-up.

    Partnerships are what make Beinex stronger. The company has strong partnerships with some of the leading technology firms, research labs, and universities around the globe.

    Businesses can leverage the power of our partner ecosystem to maximize the value of their end-to-end analytics journey.

    Beinex is ecstatic to receive this recognition as a Snowflake select services tier partner and is grateful to Snowflake for acknowledging its client services.